Leaders Face the Hard Times and Keep Going

PopeI heard the news yesterday morning and it made me ask a question: how can a man who has worked so hard to reach the pinnacle of success want to step down? If you have not heard the news, the Pope will retire on February 28th.

Almost everyone in the world knows who the Pope is; he is the leader of the largest church in the world. Most everyone would agree that he is a good leader. To become the Pope, to get to that place in the Catholic Church, you must have been a good leader for many years.

This brings up a question for our week on good leaders: do they have tough times? I asked the question about facing tough times on my Facebook page yesterday to see what others would say about it.

One of the best responses was from my good friend and founder of the Association of Woman Entrepreneurs, Tera McHugh. She wrote the following:

“My secret is surrounding myself with people that believe in me, often more than I believe in myself! People that I feel comfortable being vulnerable with & people that respect me enough to be honest and supportive! It’s all about having a powerful peer group!!”

What most people call a “tough day” a leader like the pope or, say, the president of the United States would call that a “normal day.” These people did not get to leadership positions by letting things get to them.

A good leader is someone who makes choices when they appear to have no choice. For years people would tell leadership me about qualities they viewed in me. As a leader you do not stop and ask yourself if you are a leader; you make a decision and keep moving forward.

I knew a young boy whose mother was in a car accident. The boy was able to talk with his mom and get hold of emergency crews. Talking with his mom in that tough time was not something any little boy would be expected to do. He just acted, doing those things he had seen someone else do in a movie. All his actions were that of what we call a leader, making the tough choices without feelings getting involved.

Good leaders surround themselves with other leaders who build and encourage them to make the choices when most of us could not get past the emotions of the decisions that need to be made.

Sometimes a leader must make the tough choice of knowing when he cannot continue to lead. That is when they make the choice to step down and find the best person to continue with the vision they started.

So what is your challenge today? Are you able to make the choices that need to be made? Are you ready to become a good leader?

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dreams, to love what you do and share it with those you love. Are you ready to make 2013 a year that rocks?

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My Generation

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Good Thursday morning to you. If you have not heard by now another of our great musicians in Rock ‘n’ Roll history has passed away. Davy Jones, the singer from a group called The Monkeys, at 66 years of age left this earth. In a week in which we’re talking about the word “different,” I had picked a song from The Who to use this week, to talk about how from one generation to the next what we think is normal will be considered strange by our parents – and by our kids.

I wanted to use the song in the title to talk about how Rock ‘n’ Roll has changed over the years, how we have changed over the years, how each generation has a different way of doing things. Many times today in our world someone will hear the phrase, “That’s not the way we did it in my day.” I wish I could tell you how many times I see the things my kids are doing and want to tell them, “When I was your age we did…”

In a world that has system after system failing when we have troubles in politics, troubles in our economy, troubles in the way we see different ways, when life is going to be different, that same old way of doing things will not always work. You will have to learn to do some things differently if you want to make a success of it.

I was thinking, as I heard the news of Davy Jones yesterday, how as a child I remember The Monkies on a TV show. In the ‘70s we had a black and white television. It was this big box about the size of a small chest of drawers. We had three channels to watch. When you fell in love with a show like The Monkies I remember having to count the days till it was back on again. Then I remember when it was no longer on TV.

Now we have a TV that is as thin as our table top was back then, it can be moved from our room to another by one person. We have over 500 channels to choose from. If you miss your show you can record it on a computer device. If you like a show on a certain network you can watch it there many times over, as it will be repeated throughout the week. We watch movies and our favorite now comes on the movie channels about four times a day.

This time of just watching the TV is different than when I was a child; imagine where it will go in the future. As a child, a computer was a big thing taking up a whole room in a company building somewhere; now I hold my computer on my lap and have a tablet iPad that I can watch videos on. Imagine how the world will be different.

So let’s look at how we deal with differences in the generations of change, how we can use them to build on our success and not let ourselves hold on to the old-fashioned traditions that would keep us down.

Yesterday we spoke about how we need some sort of structure, or discipline, to work towards our goals. Before that we talked about defining who we are, and started the week off with using our belief in purpose.

No matter what it is that you find out you are, what system you have to work to get to your goals, you are going to have to accept the fact that the world is going to change so you will also have to adapt. I have to adapt all the time. As I mentioned last week, people tell me, “You have a great idea” all the time. It fits with not only this generation (our kids’ age), but mine as well.

I have to always be in a process of change to accept the fact I need to be able to relate to those who maybe never heard Rock music from my generation. But then, think of the people who are in the generation of listening to The Monkeys or The Beatles. They know of bands I have never heard of. I have to build and expand my great niche to be able to relate to all music, from all generations. If I don’t, my idea won’t be a great one any longer.

So in closing, let me leave you with this; find out who you are, find a path to take and learn to live in this generation, the here and now.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Love where you came from but be the RockStar now.

A Blog That Matters Week

Good Monday morning to you. Was that not a great Super Bowl yesterday? No matter who was playing or if you cared who won, it was a great game. Thinking of the week I had planned and watching the Super Bowl this weekend helped me to launch this week’s topic, which is “What does it takes to run a blog?” People ask me that all the time. Another question is, “Do you really write all that stuff?” Then I get the “How do you do that?” question.

Well one of the great things that I tell people to do to become a RockStar in their world is a tip I have used over the past ten years. I have found it is a tip that other RockStar trainers use also. Even my buddies, Mike O’Neil and Craig Duswalt, use this: Don’t run around and tell everyone what you are going to do. Go out and do something, then let your work speak for itself. I have heard it said another way: Don’t tell, but do. Or: Go and do it then tell others how you did and coach them to do the same.

I have built a blog and now am working on building two more. So many have started a blog as well from the very ideas that I do and formed a niche that is all theirs. Check out my bike riding buddy Jnthn Roadblock in his blog. Or my partner and fiancé Gwynne and her Lady Biker Travel blog. I also work to help Brent and his Biker Monkey blog. They all have a different message and I love to see them succeed, many of them have the links back to my blog as they have looked up to me. If you remember, last year I had a post titled “How did you do that?” It’s about helping others. One of my mentors was Zig Ziglar, who is well known for saying “You can have what you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”

So I am always out to help others succeed on their own blogs. I am always willing to jump in to help in a book launch as I will with my good friend Jessica Rector this coming spring. I was glad to be on Mike and Lori’s Rock the world radio show. It’s about always being willing to help.

This week I want to give you some tips from those who have helped me, as well as things I have learned along the way on how I built this blog and how I make it work. I will be doing a post each day about how others helped me and if you want you can get the same help from them as well.

I’ll have tips from Steve Scott, who wrote a great program about affiliate marketing called Affiliate Marketing Without the BS. Steve is the one who prompted me to write more often and find quality material.

Then there is Rhonda Hess. Her coaching programs and the school she helped create with Will Craig, called Coach Training Alliance, are what I used to learn to be a coach.  They actually have a book on becoming a coach.

I learned how to really write a blog that matters and build a world of quality and make it my own from another great – Corbett Barr from Think Traffic who wrote the excellent program, Start a Blog That Matters.

I will tell you this week about the great processes I learned to use and some of the great tools that make it easy from Mail Services, called Mail Chimp, to the great services to manage my writing with my editor using Drop Box.

I will share how I started on WordPress.com, but then moved to a self-hosted site with a WordPress.org format. I learned what the best deals are on buying domains, learned how to get the domain that best fits a brand I want. I will also share with you some of the places you can get affiliates and how I use them.

I work with offline companies to provide products and for speaking at live events. I have even built a way that I’m able to market the lifestyle I live. I get many deals on the things I use and own; it’s like making your life a walking commercial and getting paid to do the things you enjoy, all while sending business to others.

So this is the week’s theme and you will want to be here for each post. If you want to learn how to live a dream like I do, how to write a blog and use your life and your stories to change the world you live and, as well as do what Zig said – help others get what they want – then you will get that this week. Get ready to rock with your blog.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Build a blog that matters and become a RockStar in your world.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Good Monday morning to you. With the month of January winding down, how are your goals for 2012 working? In a world with so many people trying to fit a mold, I want to take this week to talk about something that is needed in our world. It’s time to stand out, to break out of your mold today.

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the different result. Then you read that you must find something that you succeed at it and do it over and over again to perfect it. It seems like a paradox to make it work.

When I looked at my own life, the times that I was successful were those times when I would make a brave move, and it just worked. Then everyone would look and ask me, “How did you make that work?” Being the stand-out person could get you the contract you were looking for, or the sale that was needed. But this also would set you up to do something again.

To stand out from the crowd you must do things that make you stand out, and you must do them as a consistent part of life. With the world economy we have seen over the past few years, so many of the companies and people we are trying to serve are cutting budgets. If you want to keep the job you have or get that job you’re looking for, you have to develop a life of being different, but not like that creepy kid from high school. You have to stand out. So how do we take a step-by-step way of changing and standing out from who we are now?

We have all heard the stories and even seen the pictures of snowflakes. We’re told every snow flake is different, each has a different shape. In life we all have the same different shape like that snow flake. Those things that you have gone through up till now are what give you that unique shape that makes you stand out from the crowd.

The funny thing about me is that I have been known more as a consistent and steady person. But looking at when I would create a business, I always had some creative idea that made for a great take off. And I found that it takes another great creative idea to keep moving.

The thing that attracts most people that come to me for coaching is they all want to find that one thing that would make them stand out. They have come to a place that they realize they keep running up against a wall with every one of those cookie cutter business ideas they’ve tried. The problem is we are all unique, we are different. Learning to make that a success is the key to building your own success.

With the rest of this week we are going to talk about the stand-out thing I use in coaching, and speaking: rock music, movies, American pop culture, and entrepreneurship. I will be telling some stories of how stand-out people find success in life.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Learn to stand out and be the RockStar in your world.

Love What You Do

Good Thursday morning. How is your success environment this week? One by one my posts have been about the important things that help us build success in life. They are not about what makes us successful, but what helps us build an environment of success.

Setting up your world for success takes some work. First we went into our home, then our relationships. Today we are going to talk about the work we do and setting our work environment up for success.

When it comes to work, first we have to address the fact that it is work. Yesterday we spoke about how we build relationships we want. Sometimes they take work to build, like your marriage or partnership. It takes time to get to know someone and work to build a strong relationship.

Today in the subject of doing work we love, it’s important to remember you may have to work at something you don’t like to get to what you do like. For years I have said you need to love what you do. In many cases I worked at jobs I hated, but loved the work. The idea is if you learn to love what you are doing, you do it better. If you are doing the part of the job that you do not like, it’s OK not to like it. You need to build an attitude that you love what you do and become a success at it. This is the biggest thing that I focus on with younger people: working at something for a while that you may not like and building it into a job you love.

I wrote last year about how I created success in almost every job I had. I learned to become successful at every place I was at. If you want to love what you do, then learn to work hard and be successful at those things you don’t like to do. When you shine at it, opportunity will open up for those jobs that you will love to do.

In many cases people will chase after you to find what it is they love to do. They will spend years getting fired from jobs they don’t like and the whole the time they could have worked those jobs to open the doors to what they love to do. When coaching people and having them search for the ideas to find what they love to do, I often hear them tell stories about how they bought into a business deal, or took a training course, or even attended an online or in-town workshop. They get through it and then find out they really hate the work.

So often these people spend years of their lives chasing the money and not the work. In life you will have to do some kind of work to maintain a living. Learn to love what you do and find a way to be successful at all things, let it open doors to things you love. That is the reason at the end of every one of my blogs I put the line “love what you do and those you share life with.” It is because no matter what you do if you don’t love it, you will not work at it.

One of the greatest things I learned in building success at work was told to me years ago by a man who started looking for another job because he hated where he was. When talking with a coach, that coach told him to find a way to turn his current job into a success and find a way to love it. The coach told him then he could also put the word out that he was looking for other jobs. Well he built a team and that team became the most successful team of sales people in the entire company. It was when they became the success that this man was offered three other job opportunities. After building his team and taking them to the top sales team, he started to love where he was at and turned down all three job offers.

The lesson to learn in this is you can build a world you will love. You build your success at the job, you find the place to work and love where you are at, and then doors will open up. But once you have built the place you are at, you may find you don’t want to leave after all. That is how people build a success at their work or business and find what they love. Build yours today, if you don’t like it once you are successful at it, then you will see offers coming your way. Those that are the best at what they do are in demand. Think about that: if you found someone who was successful would you want to hire them to run a division of your company? Or would you rather choose one of those that failed and have no job to bring your company to success? It’s time to build a job you love and make yourself in demand.

I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Become a success at what you do and become the RockStar at doing it.

Environment Week: Your World

Good Monday morning to you. We are starting the last full week of January. Next week our first month of 2012 will be over. I have taken the subjects little by little in our themes this year to help keep regular readers on track with making this year the best one yet.

After a week of habits and a week about going the extra mile, I wanted to have a theme about building the environment that brings you success and keeps you working towards your goals. It’s like setting life up to be in forward movement towards your goals and dreams. To keep you focused on building your dream and living an ideal life

I feel that my life is ideal and I live the way I want to live. This does not mean that I do not work. As a matter of fact, right now I put in more hours doing what I do now than I did at my prior jobs but now I love everything about my life. When I have to work at those projects that I do really like to do, it no longer brings me down, as I know exactly what I’m working towards when I’m doing them.

Last week I wrote one day about needing a massage and, thanks to a referral from a friend, I found a new massage therapist. I was very inspired about her story of how she is working towards her future. She immigrated to the US as a young adult and worked a food service job, saving her money to go through massage school. She now works massaging clients while she is little by little saving to get through law school and paying cash for it. There are three important things I learned when talking to her and hearing her story.

1.  Set your world up for success. Know that life is going to have a few challenges. You are going to have to work; if you are starting over with nothing, you are probably going to have to work at some places you don’t like. While you are doing that, plan the next move and start saving towards it. This lady set herself up so she now only works about three hours a day on average to bring an income that is four times what others make working a good job. She set herself up to work fewer hours with maximum pay so she could fit in schooling. She also did not take on a large amount of debt to buy toys that were not needed. She does not live in luxury while I know others who make the same amount of money and have a new car, bigger TVs, a high mortgage and fancy furniture. But she is looking at the long-term goals.

2.  Learn those things that will trip you up. In life we have things that could tempt us to not keep towards the goals. If you know that you will have the problem of spending money on the big TV, learn ways to delay the gratification towards those real goals you want. For us it was holding off things for our Harleys because we want to save small amounts so we can take a week-long honeymoon riding trip and really enjoy ourselves.  If our money is not right we will camp instead of staying in hotels. The point is we keep our life focused on long term goals and we know the temptation that our bikes can be. So we set ourselves up to not buy those things that aren’t needed and put money aside for the things we will need, like tires, brakes, oil changes.

3.  Bounce back from failure. We are going to fail at some things in our lives. I had to learn how to use my failures to work for me and stop letting them end the process I was seeking. So the third thing was learning to come back from failure. Let’s think of it as coming back from a tough time. If you do not have the income you want, then you must be willing to go the extra mile to get the success. If you want to succeed, be willing to maybe work that extra job to keep the money coming in while you build your dream.

So this week is going to focus on a few areas where we set ourselves up for success, building a complete environment that keeps us in a successful mind frame. When you build each one of these areas, you will find that you will be building a success environment to keep you walking in success.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach; it’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Build an environment of success and become the RockStar in your world.

Habits and the Mind

Good Thursday morning. How are your habits going so far? In this week’s theme of habits, one of the key things is use of our minds to change our habits. I have told my story many times about how I decided to change my mind. I wanted to get past something so I used the power of the mind to change myself. Many times I have talked about the beautiful mind, how I use my mind to control things instead of taking a medication.

So how do we use our minds to change our habits? Well before we can use the mind, first we must remove all the temptations. Once you have the temptations to go back on the new habit removed, you get your mind ready to handle the tough stuff.

There are two ideas we use to get the mind ready and they both are needed to get your mind to establish your new habits.

1.  Meditation. You have to use the mind to focus on what it is you are going to change. If you are trying to remove a bad habit, picture yourself in your mind about to partake in the bad habit, then in your mind stop yourself; tell yourself you are not going to do that. For example, if you’re trying to quit smoking, close your eyes and see yourself about to light the cigarette. Picture yourself stopping and telling yourself that you don’t smoke.  If you are trying form a good habit then you must close your eyes and picture yourself doing that very habit. Let’s say you want to start getting up 45 minutes earlier each morning so you can read the newspaper before heading to the office. Then each night before your go to bed close your eyes and picture yourself waking up with the alarm. Then see yourself being tempted to stay in bed but getting up anyway. This is the way to visualize what you want and picturing the outcome you want.

2.  Affirmations. This is the other side of the coin. Now you have to focus on your positive changes. Affirmations are phrases that you use to give your mind a positive direction. Imagine if you were to take the exercise above, trying to form a habit of waking up earlier each day. You would picture it as mentioned above, but along with dealing with the temptation to snuggle back under the covers instead of waking with the alarm, you also include a saying like “I always wake up at 7 am to greet my day. I never need an alarm clock since I love mornings so much. I’m looking forward to what I will do with my extra time.” Habits are the things that change us, but you must condition your mind to get you into the habits that will bring you the success that you want in your life.

Take these ideas and take control of your mind. When people ask me how I do what I do, one of the key things I tell them is I take control of my mind. If I can tell my mind to do something, the rest is a downhill venture.  I hope this week not only helps you to get rid of those bad habits but take control of your mind and create some good habits that bring you success in 2012.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. Start living your dream, love what you do and those you share life with. Create habits that will make you the RockStar in your world.

Companies That Go the Extra Mile

Good Wednesday morning to you. As we move into the middle of this week of going the extra mile, I wanted to bring you a true story that happened to me just recently. It inspired me to talk about the businesses that have it as part of their goal to go the extra mile for their customers.

You may not know this about me but most of my purchases are done online these days. I have gotten to the point in my life that I like to research the best deal for my money. I still visit two fast food chains for food on a regular basis: McDonald’s and Arby’s. I know their menus and the prices by heart. Last month I received a coupon offer from Living Social, one of the coupon mailing systems. It was such a bargain that I clicked and purchased it.

They mailed a set of coupons to my house that I could take to the stores and on the back of the coupon was the statement that I was to receive one Big Mac. The only charge I would pay was for tax. So I took it to one of the McDonald’s restaurants in Irving. I was told the coupon only gives me a $1.25 off the price and I had to also pay another $1.85. Imagine my surprise since this would have me paying just over $4 for a $3 sandwich!

So, I come back to my home office and immediately posted this info to my Twitter page tagging both the McDonald’s, and the Living Social Twitter accounts. Then I sent emails to both McDonald’s and Living Social complaining about my experience.

Within the hour I received an email from Living Social with a phone number to call at McDonald’s to receive a $5 gift card from them. Within 24 hours I received two more emails telling me they were working on this problem. Within 48 hours I received a letter in my mail box with an apology from McDonald’s and that $5 card. That is better service then I received from the manager at the original McDonald’s in Irving, Texas. She told me it was “tough” and that I was keeping her from a trip to the bathroom.

My point to this is that the McDonald’s corporate office went the extra mile while the local manager told me “tough.”

The other place I to a lot is Arby’s. Every time I go there, they go the extra mile in just asking me what I like; they have never made a suggestion based on whatever promotion they are trying to sell. They want to know what I, the customer, like. Then they make suggestions based on what I say. Did you know that if you get great service at an Arby’s they have a bell you can ring as you walk out the door if you received great service. I urge you to ring that bell for the service you receive and see what happens when you do that.

There is another place that I go to experience workers who go the extra mile. I have about five Starbucks shops I visit on a regular basis in the Dallas area. Most of them have my drink ready when I walk to the counter. The one or two times it just did not taste right, they asked me how to they could fix it, then made me another drink, followed by a coupon for a free drink on my next visit. I know from my experience working there that they have a policy to just say “yes” to the customer.

These are just a few ways that I personally get extra-mile service here in places that you would not expect: fast food restaurants and coffee shops. In my travels I know many small mom and pop shops that give this kind of “extra mile” service in our fast-paced world. Why not go to the comments section and tell your story of service you’ve received that goes the extra mile?

I want to say, this is my way of saying “thanks” to McDonald’s, Living Social, Arby’s and Starbucks for the extra mile examples used in today’s post. These are some RockStars who already go the extra mile.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Go the extra mile in your business and be the RockStar in your world.

Start Going the Extra Mile

Good Tuesday morning. I hope you are excited about this week’s topic. In talking with people this past week while preparing for the theme, I asked what keeps them from taking action in life, what keeps them from going the extra mile. It is usually a mindset we have to get past. We must tell ourselves that we are going to do the work even if we are not paid to do it.

For so many years I met people who would give eight hours of work for eight hours of pay. They would refuse to do more. I would find it very strange that some of those people would ask the person paying them in some cases to give them more, ask them to go an extra mile for them, but would not do the same in return. Then I began thinking of this concept in, say, a dating relationship, or a marriage. Ask yourself this: would you be willing to go the extra mile for your spouse or partner? Would you expect them to do that for you? Would you be willing to do it even if they didn’t seem to have done it for you?

While watching another movie last week, Company Man, I was able to see examples of people willing, and those not willing to go the extra mile in service to get ahead. The movie featured educated executives who took jobs as construction workers to pay their bills. In that construction job, the main character took longer to do the simple tasks that the other, more skilled workers could do in less time. I related to this, years ago, when working in my car cleaning business back East. I had some slow times and one of my customers owned a plumbing company. He told me I could come put some hours in working to help if I needed extra money. When spending time on a crew, I found myself being the one taking longer to get the small tasks done because I wasn’t as skilled as the others on the team.

To succeed at something in the beginning you are going to take longer to get things done. When I was looking to advance at anything I was doing, I always had the expectation that I would have to work harder at it than those who were experienced. I remember when I was starting over here in Texas and working the truck shop, I would sometimes work 12-hour days to learn how to make the job work for me. So in the beginning you have to go the extra mile to learn.

In the movie I was watching, the two executives who had to work in construction eventually found good jobs in their fields again but they still went to work on a Sunday for free when the owner of the construction company could not afford to pay, because he needed to get the project done. So these men, who had to work twice as hard, went the extra mile to help him when he could not pay. They already had new jobs but so they didn’t need to work any longer in construction but they chose to give the extra bit, even though they would never be compensated for it. They did this because the owner of the construction company went the extra mile to help them by hiring them in the first place when they needed work – even though he couldn’t really afford poorly skilled workers.

In your life where do you need to go the extra mile? As you look at the many areas of your life, your relationships, your business, your job, your family, what areas need improvement now? Take this time to look where you are and make a list of where you need to make that improvement.

Write down how you could go the extra mile, or what you could do more to improve that area of your life. Write down three ideas of where you can improve. Are you willing to take these ideas to make those improvements in your life in those areas?

Make the additions to your life to make them happen. Start doing the extra work even if you do not see the results at first. When you are working the ten hours for the eight hours of pay, then you will soon be the person who shines. It will only be a short amount of time until going the extra mile will pay off. Soon you will see that you are able to be better at it. When I was working in auto body shops I wanted to learn to paint. So I would take the extra jobs of prepping and painting those edges of parts and priming them as practice. I did this as well as performing my own job each day. As improvement at my job came, I had free time to learn each day. This is the part of where you have to do extra to learn. But once you learn you will find yourself doing the job in less time.

The next step is to always continue this practice. As I just said, when I learned to be better at my job and do it in less time, then I was able to learn new things that would move me forward in my career. Imagine if you were to always work at doing more, learning and applying what you learned. How long would it take for you to be three or four times further ahead than others in your field or business?  So make this a lifestyle and see how much your life changes for the better.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Build your life to a process of going the extra mile and soon you will be the RockStar in your world.

The Extra Mile

Good Monday morning. It’s time to get your week and your year started. We are into our second week of the New Year that means there are only 51 weeks left. Before you know it, spring and summer will be here. I want to give you a great idea to get your year going after last week’s fresh start.

I have held this idea and practice my entire working life. I’m sure you could dig in my past and find a few mistakes I’ve made on this path but for the most part I’ve kept with the thought that if you are willing to go the extra mile in life, eventually you will be the biggest star in your world. My company is called “X2 Investments” based on this very idea: going the extra mile, providing twice the service others are providing for the same price.

So this week we are going to cover five areas that we go the extra mile in our lives and how they pay off. Instead of looking at short term rewards as the factor of our success, we need to build bigger, better quality in our world, thus giving us a better quality life.

Come back tomorrow for a look at our first area of going the extra mile. I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Go the extra mile to become the RockStar in your world.