Kick Start Your Heart

The year was 1987. It was a wild tour with Motley Cruë on tour with Guns ‘n Roses. The bass guitar player for Motley Cruë, Nikki Sixx, had a very long history of trouble with the drug heroin. Nikki Sixx was partying with Slash from Guns ‘n Roses, I believe; he had way too much and overdosed. He was considered dead for a full two minutes, until an ambulance crew arrived. The leader of that medic team that night was a big Motley Cruë Fan. He is believed to have said one of his music heroes was not going to die on his shift.

I do not know the entire story because I was not there; I only read of it on news web sites, and in accounts by Nikki Sixx. What I can tell you is that most people who come back from an experience like that never forget it. Nikki Sixx wrote a song about it.

The band, Motley Cruë, is one of my favorites; it has always been. I use stories like this in my work and this is one of the things that makes the way I work with people in coaching stand out. I know many coaches, speakers, and motivators who would never have researched a story like this to use for their programs. Nikki is not exactly the kind of person who would speak at a local church. In fact, my personal experience growing up in church was always being pointed away from stories like this.

Nikki stands out to me because not only did his best years happen after this event, but some of his best happened after he cleaned up from the life of heavy drugs. As I have said his music will not make the church scenes. But his motivational story is one that impacts people – just like his life and music had impacted a paramedic enough that he vowed as a fan to kick-start Nikki’s heart because he refused to see him die.

Now let me tell you the story of another person I know personally who had a near-death experience like Nikki Sixx. Tim Newland is a friend of mine from the Dallas area. He is the current president of the Passion Riders chapter of the Christian Motorcyclist Association, in Carrollton, TX. Tim has had heart problems and has had a device implanted to help keep his heart working properly. A few years ago, before I met Tim, he was out on a motorcycle ride with some friends. Tim fell down in the parking lot where they were meeting and those who were with him claim he died that day. The riders took their own form of “we are not letting him die on our watch.” They all put their hands on Tim and prayed over him. He came back and now Tim, just like Nikki, lives a life that has much more passion than before.

So what is your passion in life? I hope for you that it will not take lying on the ground with friends praying over you, or an ambulance crew giving you two shots of adrenaline to make you come to life with passion. In this week where we are talking about standing out from the crowd to succeed, both Nikki Sixx and Tim Newland are people who stand out. So is it time to kick-start your heart?

I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Kick-start your heart with passion to be the RockStar in your world.


Soul Surfer

If you have not seen the movie, Soul Surfer, I recommend it. When starting to plan out this week, this movie was not on my list of the things I had planned to use as an illustration. But after hearing someone who related their life to the story in this movie, I had to check it out.

The movie is about the story of Bethany Hamilton, a 13-year-old surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. The movie shows her struggles to live with the new challenge in her life, learning to balance life as a surfer with one arm. It shows her, among other things, learning to help others who are afraid of the water after a tsunami hits.

Her story is a strong one when we think of those who struggle with a loss. They have to overcome some great struggle to succeed. When thinking of her story and the theme for this week, I wanted to add this movie as one to give life lessons on standing out. At the end the movie she is asked in an interview if she could go back to that day would she not go surfing? She replied she would still choose to lose her arm because now she can embrace more people with one arm then she could before with both arms.

In Dallas, we have a similar story happening now. The family of Lauren Scruggs is facing a similar loss. She lost her hand and an eye when she accidently walked into a spinning plane propeller in December. I have known her family’s struggles long before this happened. Her parents have chosen to take the trials they went through with their marriage and make a ministry out of it, helping others restore marriages as they did with theirs.

Some who struggle with a loss will give up the spirit that kept them chasing a dream. Others will take strength in the loss; they will find a new way to pursue the God-given dream that is inside of them. When they are able to see past the struggle, when they watch the dream come true, they will be like Bethany and say, “I would still give up that arm.” You will be able to do far more without the one thing that is taken than you were able to do with all still intact.

So, in your life, what have you lost? No matter what it is, you need to keep two things in mind that will support you to do the purpose you have yet to do on this earth.  It is that purpose that can be your driving force. In my own life, when I set out towards my own purpose I, had things fall into place to take care of things I had lost.

When you have a major loss like the one shown in this movie, there are two things you must keep in mind to keep going. They will help you to perform the purpose you still have on this earth. Remember, if you are still breathing, your job on this earth is not done.

So what are the two things we need to hang on to?

1.  Hope. That’s right. Even through loss, you need to be a person of hope. I have spoken on this subject many times. Those who have hope that a better purpose is coming along and start a journey to look for it with hope succeed and stand out.  I know that every time I had a business fail or when I woke up in the hospital after an epilepsy seizure, it was hope that it was going to be OK that got me back in the game. I knew that something better was coming along. Even when going down some deadend roads that left me having to start over again, hope was the thing I held on to that better days were coming.

2.  Spirit. No matter what it is you have lost, never lose the spirit and drive to find what it is you are to do now. I know when we were younger we were all told “You can do anything you want; if you want to be President of the United States some day you can.” We had that belief for a great life; we started making plans to see a dream of passion of purpose come true. The truth is those who achieve the dreams they had as a child all had to lose a few things along the way. We all had to walk up a few mountains along the path to make that dream come true.

So if you want to stand out, find the ways to keep your balance when life takes something from you. Life is always going to take you on turns that were not in your plan. You will have things taken from you. The way you handle it, the new things that you learn to do will be what make you stand out in a crowd of hundreds doing the same business you are. No matter what you have lost, use it to be the stand-out person in your world.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. It’s how you rebalance life after you lose that thing you thought you needed to be in balance that will make you the RockStar in your world.

Environment Week: Your World

Good Monday morning to you. We are starting the last full week of January. Next week our first month of 2012 will be over. I have taken the subjects little by little in our themes this year to help keep regular readers on track with making this year the best one yet.

After a week of habits and a week about going the extra mile, I wanted to have a theme about building the environment that brings you success and keeps you working towards your goals. It’s like setting life up to be in forward movement towards your goals and dreams. To keep you focused on building your dream and living an ideal life

I feel that my life is ideal and I live the way I want to live. This does not mean that I do not work. As a matter of fact, right now I put in more hours doing what I do now than I did at my prior jobs but now I love everything about my life. When I have to work at those projects that I do really like to do, it no longer brings me down, as I know exactly what I’m working towards when I’m doing them.

Last week I wrote one day about needing a massage and, thanks to a referral from a friend, I found a new massage therapist. I was very inspired about her story of how she is working towards her future. She immigrated to the US as a young adult and worked a food service job, saving her money to go through massage school. She now works massaging clients while she is little by little saving to get through law school and paying cash for it. There are three important things I learned when talking to her and hearing her story.

1.  Set your world up for success. Know that life is going to have a few challenges. You are going to have to work; if you are starting over with nothing, you are probably going to have to work at some places you don’t like. While you are doing that, plan the next move and start saving towards it. This lady set herself up so she now only works about three hours a day on average to bring an income that is four times what others make working a good job. She set herself up to work fewer hours with maximum pay so she could fit in schooling. She also did not take on a large amount of debt to buy toys that were not needed. She does not live in luxury while I know others who make the same amount of money and have a new car, bigger TVs, a high mortgage and fancy furniture. But she is looking at the long-term goals.

2.  Learn those things that will trip you up. In life we have things that could tempt us to not keep towards the goals. If you know that you will have the problem of spending money on the big TV, learn ways to delay the gratification towards those real goals you want. For us it was holding off things for our Harleys because we want to save small amounts so we can take a week-long honeymoon riding trip and really enjoy ourselves.  If our money is not right we will camp instead of staying in hotels. The point is we keep our life focused on long term goals and we know the temptation that our bikes can be. So we set ourselves up to not buy those things that aren’t needed and put money aside for the things we will need, like tires, brakes, oil changes.

3.  Bounce back from failure. We are going to fail at some things in our lives. I had to learn how to use my failures to work for me and stop letting them end the process I was seeking. So the third thing was learning to come back from failure. Let’s think of it as coming back from a tough time. If you do not have the income you want, then you must be willing to go the extra mile to get the success. If you want to succeed, be willing to maybe work that extra job to keep the money coming in while you build your dream.

So this week is going to focus on a few areas where we set ourselves up for success, building a complete environment that keeps us in a successful mind frame. When you build each one of these areas, you will find that you will be building a success environment to keep you walking in success.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach; it’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Build an environment of success and become the RockStar in your world.

Do You Still Have Hope?

Good Monday morning to you. It’s December and there are only four weeks left to our year – which leaves us with four more themes for this year. I decided I wanted to hit on four of the top themes of the past year, those that have made the most impact on people and have received the most feedback. That told me that you really needed it when I wrote it.

This week’s theme was the top one this year. In late March-early April of this year I posted a week about Hope and Change. I started the week with the story of my Dad then finished the week out with the word of people who made it through tough challenges and kept hope alive. These stories were all told from both my side and theirs.

We will do some yearend follow up and let you hear what has been going on with our guest bloggers from that week. I will also give you some lessons about hope. As the year winds down, the holidays are that time of year where more people get depressed than during the rest of the year.

Knowing that people are more depressed during the holidays than any other time, I wanted to bring hope to those who read this week. I did a speech last month about time and the fact that in the history of my life so many times I have heard the stories about how the world is going to end. I wanted to bring that up as we close this year out. Yes, I’m sure the world as we know it will end someday. But we must always be planning and looking forward to a brighter future.

I started my speech at last month’s B-Harmony Event here in Dallas with an old SNL favorite: Matt Fowley, Motivational Speaker. If you need a good laugh, take a view on YouTube now. In the skit, Matt was always working against himself trying to motivate those he was trying help. So I used him to start off the evening. We need to have hope, but so many of us are always looking towards the gloom and doom part. Right now, more people send me the links how in 2012 the world is going to end. Well, you still need to have hope.

I also tell how over the years I have heard this “end of the world” talk. Have you ever noticed that most of those people who claim to believe the world is about to end still have life insurance? It was the opposite of the picture I took of the church sign that read “Pray for rain and carry an umbrella.” More people tend to pray but seem to not have the faith to be prepared for the event to come to pass – whether good or bad. And I suppose for the people so focused on the end of the world happening, they see it as a good thing.

So, what is our lesson of hope today? No matter what happens we need to have hope in our own future. Your personal hope and faith in your own future is what will make it better. So take these three points today and apply hope to your life as we end this year and prepare for a new one.

1.  Hope is personal. I can tell you all the stories about it; in fact, I actually can prove to you where someone had hope in a better life and actually made a plan to make it happen and it did. But, like motivation, it only takes deep root when you apply it yourself. Take a look at your next year and make plans with hope that good things will happen. Don’t rely on what others can do for you. Have hope yourself and faith in yourself to make it happen.

2.  It’s not all roses. You are going to face tough times. They’re part of the journey and we live in world that is not perfect, will never be perfect. A year ago while planning my 2011, we has no idea that two months out of my year would be spent in the mountains of PA fixing up things at my mom’s house, helping her sort through those things that belonged to my dad and were no longer needed. When I said “Bye” to him last December, while visiting with him at my brother’s, I did not know the day that I shot that video would be the last time I would see him. But yet I still have hope in my future. This past year I have met so many new friends and new business partners that I did not know. I have worked to spend more time visiting my family members because we won’t all be together forever.

3.  You still have a purpose. I believe this: if you are alive on this earth, you still have a purpose and you need to serve. It is one of those things that I have learned in life; we have a purpose and need to be working towards that. Don’t what yours is? Maybe it’s time to schedule a phone coaching session to help find out. But here is a clue: it has something to do with what you are passionate about.

Take these three points and apply them to have hope in your life. We should have hope and that last point alone shows we have a purpose. Or as my childhood preacher used to say, “God is not done with you yet.”

The first blog in our March/April week on Hope and Change was from my mom and myself. You know about my year and where I’ve been since my father passed last December. My mother is now doing missionary work in Korea – something she had longed to do for many years. Even after the very difficult period of losing her husband of so many years and facing dealing with the house and other financial affairs, she is now doing something that has been her passion and her hope for a long time. So what are you still hopeful for in your life? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Have hope and always plan for a better tomorrow to be the RockStar in your world.

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Live like you were dying

Good Thursday morning to you. It’s another great day in the week of simple lessons. I was glad to be able to pull from three fairly tales to show great lessons so far this week. When I write these posts each day, I am usually focusing on some things I am going through, thinking about growth I need in a certain area of my own life. I know most people think of life coaches and people in the self-help industry as know-it-all experts. Well we are still learning about life, and I know I have learned a lot about life over the years. Yesterday’s post was one of those I still learn from. Today I want to spread to a subject that I deal with now and probably will till my time on this earth is gone.

This past weekend, something happened with two people I know and have spent time with. I would not say I was close friends with them and we didn’t spend a lot of time hanging out together, but I definitely knew them. Both of them have had an impact on my life over the past ten years. I have sat with them over dinner or drinks on a few occasions, had a few conversations with both of them. And, in the same weekend, both of them “decided” it was time to leave this planet. They moved on. One was late in life – an older man who had lived a full life. The other was a lady who was younger than me. She was an inspiration to all she touched. I’m not going to tell their full stories, but I will give you a few details about each.

Herb was a man who one day felt God had told him to go into a strange mission field, not far from his home. This mission field was to form a ministry to motorcyclists. He did that for the rest of his life. If you ever met Herb, all he asked for was a hug. If you helped in the ministry anywhere, he was the first to say a humble “thank you” for your work in spreading the message. The last time I saw him was last year when a friend of mine, Elton, passed away. Elton was working at the headquarters of the ministry Herb started. I loved to hear Herb talk about his ministry and his love for what was created out of his simple ministry was apparent. On Saturday his walk of service on this earth ended when he went to his heavenly home.

The other person was Cindy. The first time I met Cindy was at a Bible fellowship class at a church I attended in the Dallas area. She had a smile on her face that was contagious; when you were around her, you felt like you needed to have one as well. Through several events with our class I got to spend time with her. When I owned my car cleaning business I cleaned her car on a regular basis.

Over the years we lost contact, then two years ago I ran into her again at a Starbucks while getting coffee. She told me of her round with breast cancer. I had heard of her sickness, but this was the first we were able to talk again. I had coffee with her and she told me all she had been through, and how she was now being asked to speak at events about maintaining her faith through her battle with this disease. On Sunday her battle was finished.

So why am I writing about these people today? Well another old friend wrote me today to tell me they also had a health scare. It reminded me of the song that Tim McGraw sings about living like you were dying. I want to ask you, if you found out this year was your last, what would you change? Would you do some crazy things like skydiving, climbing a tall mountain, maybe even taking an ocean cruise?

When Gwynne’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease, her father retired (he was 65 but had planned to keep teaching a few more years because he loved it so much). They sold their home and moved to the Dallas area to be near Gwynne and her brother. Then they set out to make every moment as valuable as it could be. They took many trips, especially cruises which they had always loved. Now that her mother has died, her dad always says he doesn’t regret a single penny they spent on their travel because it provided so many rich memories he can hold onto now. They lived their lives knowing Eleanor’s time was limited.

In my life, I have plenty of things that I want to do but have not yet done. But If I got news like that, I could still say that I love the life I have lived; I am happy and have no regrets. If I could do it over, I would do a lot of the same things, making some of the same dumb mistakes, I’m sure.

Maybe in your life, you have a goal or a dream that you are chasing really hard. Maybe you are so set on reaching the goals you set for 2011 that you are not really living today. I work many hours to reach for the goals I have and I love the work I do. But I still take the time each Friday night to head out on a motorcycle ride with my friends, to get some dinner and just hang out and chat. Then a few of us head to Starbucks afterwards to have coffee and basically just shoot the breeze. Every few weekends, Gwynne and I hop on our bikes and ride. We head out like we will this weekend to do some fun things, carry a tent and our sleeping bags and camp out. Most nights when we’re home, we get the chance we play a fun game of scrabble with Gwynne’s dad. We enjoy our life, for we know we may not have tomorrow.

So I ask you, are you living the life you want to? Yes you have to work towards your goals; yes you have to do some things that are not fun at this time; yes some of your business deals fall through. We have tenants who have paid rent late, or left and walked out on a lease. We have bills come due when we hope to do something else with the money. It’s called life. But you can still live and enjoy it while it happens. So today’s simple lesson: Live like you were dying.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live the life you always dreamed of, to love what you do and those you share your life with. Start really living each day like you want, soon you will be the RockStar in your world.

Simple lessons from childhood tales.

Good Tuesday morning to you. It’s a great week here in Dallas as we watch the Rangers in the World Series again. And it’s another great week in the Rocker Life Coach blog, focusing on great simple ideas. In life I never know where I’m going to find a lesson. Yesterday’s idea came from notes someone took from a fairy tale. As I have told you before, many small pieces of wisdom came from my reading of books from the Bible like the book of Proverbs. Where have simple lessons come to you in life?

One of the childhood stories that has always been a favorite of mine was “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” It’s the story of how the emperor is told by his tailors (who are taking advantage of his pride and egoism to swindle him) that the fabric of his new clothes can only be seen by someone who is fit for his position. He’s so afraid to admit that he can’t actually see the clothes that he pretends to see them. It’s the same for all the members of his court. No one wants to be the person who admits they can’t actually see the clothes. They’re all afraid that admitting they can’t see them will prove their own unworthiness. Finally, when the Emperor walks before his people it is a little boy who shouts out that he has no clothes on. The little boy doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him because he’s just a kid; he hasn’t learned adult insecurities.

While thinking about this story, it told me something about many in our world today. We can all have the wool pulled over our eyes very easily. I have learned, for example, as an adult to choose preachers who tell me how we are not to take what they teach as fact, but to research it and hold them accountable to always stay right in our search in the Bible, to always have people around you to keep you in check, and always make sure you are not being taken advantage of by those who just want to make a buck off of you.

The next thing I learn from this story is if you have faithful people around you they will tell you the truth before you make a complete fool out of yourself. Imagine if the emperor had had one faithful servant to tell him that really there were no clothes on him, that it was a scam. But too many times in the world people are just trying to make others feel good, and what they really need is to hear truth. Too often we are the Emperor who doesn’t want to know the truth.

The last thing I get from this story is, did you ever notice how it was a child who brought this story to the public attention? The honesty of a child sometimes is what we all need. Think of how many times it’s the four- or five-year-old at a wedding that makes the funny (but true) observation that makes us all start to laugh. They are still too young to know what they said is not” proper.” Well, in life we need that kind of honesty sometimes, just to keep us smiling, just to keep us on track. Maybe we need to have our kids remind us to stay honest and not get caught up in the properness in life and start down a road that will lead to a life of lying and cheating.

Take some time and think in your life: have you had someone try to pull a fast one or a scam on you? We all could have it happen to us. What can you do to set up your life to be prepared for the scams? Earlier this year I lost a hard drive on this computer I’m writing to you from. It happened from a virus that I picked up on facebook when a friend’s computer got it and sent me a message. I opened it and by the time we were able to figure out what it was, my hard drive was beyond repair.

In life, we need a set of friends who we are helping to get better in life, and those who we are learning from to get better. It’s like having people on both sides of you to keep you in check. I have friends who I always talk to, making sure that I’m still honest in many of my dealings. I have Gwynne in my life to keep me from becoming carless with money, she also tells me when I’m too hard on my daughter or her sons. Having honest people in your life is what will keep you honest.

The final thing I want to bring up is that the Emperor was looking for clothes that were newer and better than what he had – even though, as an Emperor, he already had the best and finest stuff on earth. Do not become someone who has to have something new just for the sake of having something new. In the book, “The Magic of Thinking Big,” it is mentioned that some of the biggest things that bring people down are perfectionism (always feeling you have to do things exactly right before you start); procrastination (putting off till tomorrow what you can do today); and status (having to have things that are bigger and better than everyone else).

This past month, the new iPhone came out. I’m able to upgrade my phone but I’m not the person who has to have the latest and greatest. It’s ok for me to wear my jeans and button up shirts; I don’t have to have designer jeans and shirts. I don’t get caught up in that game because it only ends with your money gone. Take these simple lessons to life.

I’m Tim Gillette, The Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live a life you only dreamed of, to love what you do and those you share life with. Set your life up with honest friends and common sense to become the RockStar in your world.

Love or Lust

Good Wednesday morning. I hope this week finds you on a direct line to where you want to go in your life. I hope that you find your true path, and not the path of chasing approval or looking for the easy way out. Today I want to address the idea we talked about the other day of the greener grass but also about how life changes when you pursue a love and not a lust to get where you truly want to go.

Have you ever thought about what you are seeking out of this life? The goals or things you want to do? Are they about chasing a lust? Or are you seeking what you really want to love in life? So many people get this one thing confused in life. I tell you, when you get the answer to this down you will watch life move at a much faster pace towards real goals versus what looks good, like money.

If you have been a long time reader of my blogs and other online posts you will know I have started over many times. The last start over was the toughest to do, but it was the one that gave me some of the greatest perspective on facts about my life. Many years ago now Michael Jackson wrote and sang the song, “Man in the Mirror.” The words in that song said “I’m looking at the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to make a change.” Well this may be one of those times to look in the mirror. When you do, you’ll see the person who could make that change.

A few years ago I was going through one of those personal growth books. It asked me to give an information sheet to several people I trust and who knew me. It said to ask them some questions about who I was, what I was good at, when they saw me the happiest in life. Well today’s post is very much inspired by one thing my mom wrote on that form. She told me how in life she always watched me chase money, not a dream, not a purpose, but money. It reminded me of the little boy who is asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he says, “A doctor, ‘cause they make lots of money.”

I was always chasing that money. How much did I want? More. It was always more, no matter how much I got, there was more needed to make my happy. I needed it to have a nicer house, to have a better car, to eat at better places, to wear better clothes. Well they were all one thing: a lust. It was chasing something that was a flash, here to make you seem happy for the moment, then after the moment passed, you needed a new happy.

What is the difference? Well, let’s talk about love. Love is the person who works at a charity that helps single moms get an education, then get a better job and better life. They work there because they want some small boy to live and grow up in a better world. I know a man who does this in the Dallas area. He sold his business and put all the money into a new ministry to do this helping those who cannot help themselves. He loves what he does. Love is the man and woman who stay in a relationship and are committed to each other; they stay and love one another, like Gwynne and I do, even when we have different opinions about things.

In life we will not always see eye to eye, but we love each other and we love the heart of the other person. Love is when you find a dream and chase it, like the many who I have met after leaving a corporate job to work at a place like Starbucks and find more joy in serving coffee and running a small store than they did working their entire life just to become a Vice President of a division for two years before the job kills them.

So what does this have to do with our theme this week? Many people on this earth are still looking at the neighbor’s grass, talking about how it looks better over there. Then some spend so much time comparing a life that is not theirs to what they have, they take the opportunity to jump out of the life they have for a momentary lust. Today I want to finish up with a story to get you to think.

Two men were lying in hospital beds in the same room. Neither of them could get up. One had the bed by the window. Once a day the man by the window would be helped to sit up in his bed. Then he would tell the other man what he saw outside. He described a great world with a park, then one day it was a parade, children playing – all sorts of wonderful things. Each day the man in the other bed looked forward to that time of day but he also became jealous of what his partner could see while he was stuck in the bed without the window. Then one day the man by the window started to choke and gasp. The other man let his jealousy take over and let the man die, thinking he could then have the bed by the window. He got his wish and was moved there and was eager to be helped to sit up so he could see all the wonderful things he’d been told about. Through much pain and with all the strength he could muster to look out the window, he saw that a brick wall was all that was outside the window.

In life we can find simple joy and spread it. The man who looked at a wall every day but painted a picture of a world to help the other man through was spreading simple joy. The other man, in his lust to see it all, soon realized when he got to see what was really outside the window that he had let the very best part of his day die. The world you are creating can be the greatest picture you have ever seen, or you can lust for a picture someone else has. When you get it, you will see others have the challenges in life that make their lives just as hard. It’s not what you have in life, I’s what you do with what you have. Take your life and love it.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live the life you always wanted, to love what you do and those you share your life with. Find your love in life, stop chasing little lusts and you will become the RockStar in your world.

Don’t Stop Believing

We all remember the song from the 8os, with Steve Perry and his great voice. The sound of Journey just takes me back to my younger days. While the song itself has nothing to do with today’s post, the concept of how we should never stop believing in a better future is what I want to talk about.

How we live our lives today is a sign of what we feel will happen in the future. Remember back to our week on faith and fear? Do you have faith in a better tomorrow? The actions we are taking to make our world better, the way we act and use our day today shows, the faith or the fear we have in the future.

In this week of topics about living our life and keeping our own path a green path in front of us, the fact is belief is what we use to make our own word better. Many people have spent the time watering the neighbor’s grass and build up how great the neighbor is, because they do not believe it will get better for them. I know that if you have lived many years through many hard times, the toughest thing to build is hope in a better tomorrow. But it starts there, with a belief. You have to believe it before you will see it. That is the first rule to make something come true.

The first time I heard it phrased that way all I could think of was “I’ll believe it when I see it.” That statement has made many a person faithless and hopeless in our world. Do you want to change that in your life? Well it starts with changing your belief. I once met a man who said he could change anyone’s world if he could just change the words they use. He told me that if I change what I’m saying it will change my belief, which will change my actions, thus creating the world I want to have.

When I thought about the song name that I used for today’s title I had to think back to the age of 15 when I first heard that song. At a young age, you believe you are going to change the world. For me, at the age of 15, I believed I was going to have and do certain things in my life. Many say that when reality hit them, they stopped believing in those dreams. I remember giving up on many of life’s dreams. The first time a friend presented me with business opportunities I told him it could not happen in our world today. From that point to the point of my first successful business was almost 10 years. I tried many other things, but had no hope that they would make it past that. So with a lack of belief there was lack of action to make them come true.

So where do you stand in your belief? Do you believe there is a better world out there for you? If you have a belief in a better world, then your actions that make your world up today are based on hope. When we talk about which side of the fence has the greener grass, belief is the watering process that makes that grass green. You believe your neighbor’s grass is greener so you make it that way. Instead, how will you improve YOUR grass; how will you change your world to make it better?

Right now many of you reading this are going through a struggle in life. Some are facing losing a business that you spent years in building. Someone will read this who is facing the loss of a marriage or long-term relationship. The worst thing you can do is focus on how your brother has a business that is better than yours, or your sister found such a great man. Comparing your world to someone else’s world is taking your worst and comparing it to what you think is their best. Simply not a fair trade.

In life we are all given an amount of time, we are given the tools to work with to build our life. What you do with what you have is what will create your world. No matter what trial you are going through, keep focused on the goal and act with hope today. If you are starting over with nothing, you have nothing to lose, so dream big. The attitude you have where you are at now will determine when and how you current goals and dreams come.

I have read all of Joel Osteen’s books and watched many of his TV sermons. Some of his simple comments have carried me through many tough times when starting over in the past few years. One I remember most is, “Do what you can do and God will meet you with what he can do where you need it most.” I’ll use that in a practical personal story to end today.

When I was working at Starbucks and had to live on $100 a week in pay, plus about $50 a week in tips. I was riding a borrowed motorcycle. In the winter months it was hard and I found myself getting rides. So I knew it was a long way off but decided to act in faith and hope. I started taking $10 a week and putting it in a cup to start saving to get a car. After five weeks it was mentioned to me by a mall maintenance person he had a car at his house that he was not using. With a little work it could get me back and forth to work. I asked him how much and he said $100. Well when I had the $50 he sold it to me for that. Another friend gave me tires I needed for it, and another gave me money to get the registration and insurance on it. I was able to get to work for the winter in a car. I did what I could, and God brought the other resources together to make it happen for me to have a car in five weeks. I was thinking I would be walking for a year before I got a car. Do you have the belief in what you are doing? Well with that belief, a plan of action and letting God do his part you will see that plan come to action.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live the life you always wanted, to love what you do and those you share life with. Don’t stop believing in your world becoming better and soon you will be the rockstar in your world.

From the Road Week

Well October is finally here and we are headed down the home stretch of 2011. I’m making my last ditch effort to achieve those goals that I set back in January, the ones I adjusted back in July. The truth is, I’m already working on 2012. I am setting my goals and planning the things for next year that this business was not ready to do this year.

But before I focus on that over the next few weeks, this week my honey and I are out riding. We are working on an effort to achieve one of the Harley Davidson ride challenges we’ve signed up for this year. Here in Texas this fall, 41 of the Harley shops put together a ride challenge called the Passport Ride. Each participant is given a booklet (a passport) with a page for each participating dealer. Our goal is to get a stamp in our passports from each dealer. At each dealership, we fill in an entry for a chance to win a new motorcycle and if we hit all 41 dealerships, we get an additional 41 entries. All this is along with the three or four other riding things we are doing this one has a short time frame. So when Gwynne planned some of her vacation time for us to ride together, this is what we chose: visiting as many of the dealerships as possible – the ones we can’t reach on a Saturday afternoon ride.

So this week’s blogs will feature some random thoughts from the road since I’m writing each of these posts from our camp each night.  We are actually tent camping most of the nights of this week and today’s idea comes from a church sign I read on the road near our campsite. It said “Pray for rain; carry an umbrella.”

I think of this when hearing the story of the revival preacher who is asked to bring his revival to the town and to pray for rain. He shows up and the first thing he noticed was no one had an umbrella. As he walks to the stage he asks if anyone in the room has the faith to believe his prayer will make it rain.  Everyone nods their heads up and down saying yes. Then the preacher says, “If you had believed that my prayer would bring rain you would have brought an umbrella with you.”

How many times in your life have you asked for something in prayer or told yourself you wanted to achieve something and not had the simple faith to bring the umbrella? Last week, we talked about the game of life. In the book that I got that concept from, one of the things mentioned was taking a step in faith. It tells the story of a young woman who is asking for prayer to get a new apartment. After she gets up from praying she says, “I’m going to go buy a new set of curtains for my new apartment.” Well she ended up getting that apartment.

We all need to take a few more steps of faith to stand behind what we are asking for. Yes I’m praying for rain in Texas, but I’m also praying for and planning for 2012 and the places I’m going to be taking Rocker Life Coach. In preparation for that, I want to let you in on two things that will be out yet this year. Starting this month every week there will be a video blog on the Rocker Life Coach FaceBook page and the YouTube channel. Then in November we will launch our Saturday morning blog talk radio show. I have some great guests lined up to finish out this year and get you excited to take a step of action in planning your new life in 2012.

Well it’s time to get some sleep. Morning comes early and we not only have to make our beds, but pack them and our tent up and load them back on the bikes. We’re rolling along.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live the life you always dreamed of, to love what you do and those you share life with. Why not get out and become a RockStar in your world?

Laws and Rules

Good Tuesday morning to you, as we take our second day into a great theme, “Life is a Game.” Today we are going to talk about the laws that that will make or break you in the game of life and how they work.

When it comes to these laws, you have to abide by them or you will fail. Many people disregard laws, live a life of breaking them. Some may get away with it but, sooner or later, most of them get caught. The ones who seem to get away with breaking laws often end up living with the regret of the life they chose. You can break the laws and it may seem you are successful for a while, but sooner or later you get caught. Or life catches up to you.

So what are the laws? How do they work to create success? These are seven laws that you must follow to be a success at the game of life. All of the laws here have root in the Bible. I know not everyone who reads my posts believes in the bible, but each of these laws have root there. When people violate these laws it usually causes them to fail at their games, or have to start over again.

1.  The law of asking and receiving. In life if you have not learned to ask for what you want then you will never be able to receive it. This one is about prayer, but it could be taken also in other areas, such as sales. Sometimes people are going to give you the sale just because they are ready to buy. But most of the time if you want the sale, to receive it you must ask. So law one: ask and you shall receive.

2.  The law of faith and action. You will not receive anything if you do not believe first that you deserve it and second that you can get it. It takes action; you have a faith but you must act on that faith in order to receive it. If you do not believe in your mind that you deserve to get a raise you will not work harder to get it. If you do believe that you can get a raise or a better job you will have faith and the resulting action will be that you will do your job better.

3.  The law of supply and demand. This is a faith law as well. You must believe that for every demand there is a supply to meet it and that what you need may not come the way you expect it or in the form you are expecting. If you are in need of something, have faith there is a supply to meet that need somehow, some way.

4.  The law of nonresistance. This is a tough law for many to take. I developed it based on the fact that so many people I coach tell me how they end up in the same or like situations so many times in life. The big questions I get when starting over is “How come I always end up in the same place?” Well in this law you must stop running from your problems and face them. It’s time to work through the tough times, solve the issue and move on the bigger and better things. This is about understanding what you are doing that keeps getting the same results and making the necessary changes so you have a different outcome.

5.  The law of Karma. This law says that it matters what you do to others. If you steal and cheat your way to supposed success in any area of your life, you will face having others cheat and steal from you. I wish I could count the times I coach people through this one. We all want to place blame on what others do, but when I get to sit with people and walk through what it is they are facing, talk about what happened, then trace back through the steps they took, you see they were doing the same thing to someone else. We all hate hypocrisy, so this law shows us we truly get what we have been giving to others.

6.  The law of forgiveness. So many times I find people who are holding onto something someone else, (often their ex) did. We all need to forgive. If we don’t, over time it only builds bitterness, and we make others pay for the mistakes of our past. I like that the bible says forgive others just as God forgave you. It also asks how you can expect God to forgive you if you cannot forgive others.

7.  The law of love. This was one of those laws that I tried for so many years to get around and it left me many times with failure. Many of us love ourselves and not others. In this world, yes, you need to love yourself, but love others just as you love yourself. A good friend of mine, Randy, who posts blogs by the name Rockstar Preacher, has a motto: “Love God, love each other.” I think that is an awesome thing. But let’s not just use love in people. I say all the time, “Love what you do.” After all, if you find a love in what you are doing, you are going to look for ideas to be successful at it.

I hope these laws help you to find success in your game of life. Laws are something we must follow. When we do it keeps us in a spot of blooming. When we push against these laws it can seem for a while that we are successful, but sooner or later it will show we have cheated the laws of the game. That will lead to a point of having to start over again.

I hope you have many successful years at your game of life. Tomorrow we will talk more about rules and how to use them to make your game successful.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to live the life you always wanted, to love what you do and those you share life with. Obey the laws to be a RockStar in your world. Are you ready to start?