Kick Start Your Heart

The year was 1987. It was a wild tour with Motley Cruë on tour with Guns ‘n Roses. The bass guitar player for Motley Cruë, Nikki Sixx, had a very long history of trouble with the drug heroin. Nikki Sixx was partying with Slash from Guns ‘n Roses, I believe; he had way too much and overdosed. He was considered dead for a full two minutes, until an ambulance crew arrived. The leader of that medic team that night was a big Motley Cruë Fan. He is believed to have said one of his music heroes was not going to die on his shift.

I do not know the entire story because I was not there; I only read of it on news web sites, and in accounts by Nikki Sixx. What I can tell you is that most people who come back from an experience like that never forget it. Nikki Sixx wrote a song about it.

The band, Motley Cruë, is one of my favorites; it has always been. I use stories like this in my work and this is one of the things that makes the way I work with people in coaching stand out. I know many coaches, speakers, and motivators who would never have researched a story like this to use for their programs. Nikki is not exactly the kind of person who would speak at a local church. In fact, my personal experience growing up in church was always being pointed away from stories like this.

Nikki stands out to me because not only did his best years happen after this event, but some of his best happened after he cleaned up from the life of heavy drugs. As I have said his music will not make the church scenes. But his motivational story is one that impacts people – just like his life and music had impacted a paramedic enough that he vowed as a fan to kick-start Nikki’s heart because he refused to see him die.

Now let me tell you the story of another person I know personally who had a near-death experience like Nikki Sixx. Tim Newland is a friend of mine from the Dallas area. He is the current president of the Passion Riders chapter of the Christian Motorcyclist Association, in Carrollton, TX. Tim has had heart problems and has had a device implanted to help keep his heart working properly. A few years ago, before I met Tim, he was out on a motorcycle ride with some friends. Tim fell down in the parking lot where they were meeting and those who were with him claim he died that day. The riders took their own form of “we are not letting him die on our watch.” They all put their hands on Tim and prayed over him. He came back and now Tim, just like Nikki, lives a life that has much more passion than before.

So what is your passion in life? I hope for you that it will not take lying on the ground with friends praying over you, or an ambulance crew giving you two shots of adrenaline to make you come to life with passion. In this week where we are talking about standing out from the crowd to succeed, both Nikki Sixx and Tim Newland are people who stand out. So is it time to kick-start your heart?

I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Kick-start your heart with passion to be the RockStar in your world.


Soul Surfer

If you have not seen the movie, Soul Surfer, I recommend it. When starting to plan out this week, this movie was not on my list of the things I had planned to use as an illustration. But after hearing someone who related their life to the story in this movie, I had to check it out.

The movie is about the story of Bethany Hamilton, a 13-year-old surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. The movie shows her struggles to live with the new challenge in her life, learning to balance life as a surfer with one arm. It shows her, among other things, learning to help others who are afraid of the water after a tsunami hits.

Her story is a strong one when we think of those who struggle with a loss. They have to overcome some great struggle to succeed. When thinking of her story and the theme for this week, I wanted to add this movie as one to give life lessons on standing out. At the end the movie she is asked in an interview if she could go back to that day would she not go surfing? She replied she would still choose to lose her arm because now she can embrace more people with one arm then she could before with both arms.

In Dallas, we have a similar story happening now. The family of Lauren Scruggs is facing a similar loss. She lost her hand and an eye when she accidently walked into a spinning plane propeller in December. I have known her family’s struggles long before this happened. Her parents have chosen to take the trials they went through with their marriage and make a ministry out of it, helping others restore marriages as they did with theirs.

Some who struggle with a loss will give up the spirit that kept them chasing a dream. Others will take strength in the loss; they will find a new way to pursue the God-given dream that is inside of them. When they are able to see past the struggle, when they watch the dream come true, they will be like Bethany and say, “I would still give up that arm.” You will be able to do far more without the one thing that is taken than you were able to do with all still intact.

So, in your life, what have you lost? No matter what it is, you need to keep two things in mind that will support you to do the purpose you have yet to do on this earth.  It is that purpose that can be your driving force. In my own life, when I set out towards my own purpose I, had things fall into place to take care of things I had lost.

When you have a major loss like the one shown in this movie, there are two things you must keep in mind to keep going. They will help you to perform the purpose you still have on this earth. Remember, if you are still breathing, your job on this earth is not done.

So what are the two things we need to hang on to?

1.  Hope. That’s right. Even through loss, you need to be a person of hope. I have spoken on this subject many times. Those who have hope that a better purpose is coming along and start a journey to look for it with hope succeed and stand out.  I know that every time I had a business fail or when I woke up in the hospital after an epilepsy seizure, it was hope that it was going to be OK that got me back in the game. I knew that something better was coming along. Even when going down some deadend roads that left me having to start over again, hope was the thing I held on to that better days were coming.

2.  Spirit. No matter what it is you have lost, never lose the spirit and drive to find what it is you are to do now. I know when we were younger we were all told “You can do anything you want; if you want to be President of the United States some day you can.” We had that belief for a great life; we started making plans to see a dream of passion of purpose come true. The truth is those who achieve the dreams they had as a child all had to lose a few things along the way. We all had to walk up a few mountains along the path to make that dream come true.

So if you want to stand out, find the ways to keep your balance when life takes something from you. Life is always going to take you on turns that were not in your plan. You will have things taken from you. The way you handle it, the new things that you learn to do will be what make you stand out in a crowd of hundreds doing the same business you are. No matter what you have lost, use it to be the stand-out person in your world.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. It’s how you rebalance life after you lose that thing you thought you needed to be in balance that will make you the RockStar in your world.

Your Belief, Your Life.

Good Friday morning to you as we wrap up this week on Belief. In our world many people have many different beliefs. This time of year it is evident with the many holidays that are celebrated. So many different religions celebrate different things.

There are great things we talked about in our beliefs this week. We need to know what we believe. We need to know who we should believe and trust in life. We need to believe we can change. We need to understand that we could believe the wrong thing, that the mind can be fooled into believing the wrong thing.

As we close the week out, I want to thank you all for reading my blog. I want to pass along my wishes to all of you for a blessed holiday. I am about to share this weekend with my family and friends and I hope you are able to spend this time with your family, whether Christmas is the holiday that you celebrate or you follow other beliefs.

Next week we will finish out 2011 with a week on effective planning called “Planning Ourselves to a Successful 2012.” While most people search for different things, I search for ways to help those who want to have a great life. So start your great life out with a great weekend and we shall see you on Monday.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Know what you believe and become the RockStar in your world.

Believe in Failure. Believe in Success?

When it comes to the importance of mindset and belief, it was best said by Henry Ford. “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, either way you are right.” Your belief will take you on one of two paths. Your belief has either created the fear that has brought you to failure or you belief has given you the success that keeps you happy.

So many people have kept themselves from success by always looking at each thing they do with the belief they will fail. When we do this, we set ourselves up to not take the action needed to make us succeed. It takes the belief of success to get you to take the action to make the success happen.

I started this post today after taking a day off from my work. I have spent most of the month of December writing new books and programs for 2012, but I decided to take a day and just do nothing. Well my day ended but I still had to put this post together, yet I felt I could not do it. It’s funny that, with all I have written about the importance of believing in your success, I had the belief that I could not write one day’s post – and it’s interesting it would be on today’s topic! I had to actually raise my own belief that this could be a great, helpful post to help you grow before I could take it on and accomplish it.

I started to think of the many times I’ve started businesses over the years. There were several times that faith was lacking and I did not believe I would have the customers to keep the business running. But when I started to believe that the product or service I was offering was of great value, then I put the action towards it that brought success.

Did you ever hear, or have you ever heard the statement: “I will believe it when I see it.” Well, in this life that statement is backwards. You will never see it until you believe it. If you do not have the belief in what you are doing, you will not see it come to be. You see, without belief you never have the faith to take the actions needed to bring success.

Imagine your life now. No matter what tools you hold, the first must be belief that you can succeed. If you believe you will fail, you need to change that around. Stop the thinking process of “I can’t.” Here are five steps to bring belief, leading to success and overcoming the fear of failure.

1.  Keep your momentum going with belief. No matter if you are on the way up a hill in life or on your way down after a victory, keep yourself moving to always build belief in success.

2.  Always keep in mind that you have a past, or a burden to carry. Use the knowledge of your past successes (I promise you have some although you may not think you do) to drive you to believe in building success. If you keep focusing on past failures, use our next step to help you past them.

3.  Use positive of affirmations to tell yourself you are successful. I know that many people want to wait to act until they feel successful. You will never feel it first; the feeling comes after the action. So an affirmation process gets you started by telling your mind you are a success.

4.  When you have turned things around and belief is being built, keep moving forward. Just because you have reached the hilltop and are about to start the easy coast downhill, remember the accomplishments behind you and keep moving so you don’t have to start over again.

5.  Always keep building success. The words, “I knew I could.” The thoughts of building yourself up and building one success after another. Just because you are on a mountain top does not mean that you will not have to go through another valley as you continue to build. Don’t relax now; instead keep preparing for your next success.

You are the person in charge of your belief system. It will be up to you to believe you can succeed, because, as Henry Ford said, whatever you believe is what is going to happen. You are the one who controls where you go. So believe you can succeed, or believe you are going to fail. It’s up to you.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Believe you can succeed and you will take the actions to become the RockStar in your world.

Do You Believe You Can Change?

While writing this post this afternoon, I started over because of something that came up on my Facebook page. I love how some good things can go viral; all you have to do is hit the share button and put it on your wall. The picture today was what I viewed and shared. Consider how hard it is to change yourself, then you will understand how small a chance you have of changing others.

Today I was thinking of this and how life happens sometime. I think back to when I was a young man, how I was trying to change other people. Then I look at the young kids, or young adults today who tell us how we should change our ways to make the world a better place. It reminds me of the poster my parents showed me that said: “Quick! Move out on your own while you still know it all.”

As I am older now and have adult children of my own, I remember how it was so easy to have this great vision of the world but with no experience to back it up. I recall one time telling my dad how things couldn’t work a certain way and he should change; Dad got very angry with me. To him I was telling him the way that he fed me and kept a roof over my head all those years was wrong. Very few times in life did I push him that far, but when I did, he had a great way of pushing back usually followed by the something about how stupid I was. The last time I made a comment to him like that, I was in my mid 30s. I was just starting to get the picture I now have; I was just beginning to realize trying to change him was not my job.

I found many of the times I was trying to change a boss, a partner, my brothers, that I should have learned to change myself instead, if I really believed in change, I would have gone out and lived it on my own first. It is hard to change yourself, yet so many of us try to change others having no belief that we can change ourselves.

I recall working with counselors, and watching other coaches try to work with couples. You can always tell where the problem is when two people are not getting along. My favorite to see is each of them telling you how the other is wrong and needs to change. Truth is, we can only change ourselves, and if each would stop and go to their corners and change themselves, letting the other person work on their own problems, I know we would see more results come and less fighting.

As I mentioned last week we only get one life so why waste it trying to change what you can’t? It’s time to take your own life into your hands, to see what you can change and work on yourself. When you change you, then you will see an awesome world open up in front of you. Do you believe in change? Then start with changing you.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Believe you can change you, start there and become a RockStar in your world.

Who Do You Believe?

photo from Bon Jovi Twitter

Good Tuesday morning to you. I am coming to you this week from the remote sitting area in my lovely bedroom at our home on the lake. I spend many hours of my week researching to make sure all my facts check out, to see what is out there in the world and if it applies to what I teach or to help me live a better life.

I was looking back yesterday at the year and how many of those we called a great celebrity or maybe just a famous or infamous person have died this past year.  I must say while researching the final information for the year, I was quite shocked to get a news feed come across my desk: “International RockStar found dead at 49.” I was shocked to hear the story of Jon Bon Jovi’s reported death, but relieved to find out it was not true.

But still this year we lost many people. Some it was good to hear about; other stories I was sad to hear. We all heard the news when it came out that Osama bin Laden had been captured and killed. For us here in America it was good news. I was sad when I heard the news of Janie Lane and Steve Jobs passing. But the one thing that is certain in life is the time will come when we all will pass.

Many of us live our lives like we believe we are going to live forever. We spend so much time talking about what we are going to do tomorrow; well the truth is tomorrow is always a day away. We have one today, here, now. I know you may believe you are going to live until you are 90 years old. If you are 89 now that is a good goal. But if you are in your late teens it’s time to get living now. You are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Life is a great thing and the hope of a better tomorrow is a great thing, but if you are doing nothing with your life today you are wasting away a precious thing you will never get back: TIME. As I get older, time is the most valuable thing to me. I don’t like to waste it on foolish things. I push many of my clients, my kids, those who trust me to use the time we have.

I spent some time talking with a young lady the other day and explaining to her the concept of time, how when I was her age I was worried over such small things as how I felt when someone pushed buttons I did not like. Then I explained that those things I was worried over did not seem to matter 20 years later.

So here is the magical question for today: When it comes to making the best use of your time on this earth, who do you believe? Many today do not trust their very own parents with the advice to help them grow. Many trust someone who scratches the itching ears to make them feel better. I’m going to hit you hard with this one. You may not have another day. So what are you doing to live your purpose out? What are you doing with that dream you have in your head? What passion are you chasing?

This year has been one of my best years. I have learned so much and 2011 will go down as a year of great things both in my personal and my business life. I believe better things are to come.  I really have nothing to base that hope on at times; my past is not a pretty or glamorous story. I failed some, I was hurt some, I lost some. But, hey, I won some, I found some, I was loved some, I succeeded some. So I look forward to a great future. Do I believe that I will be here forever? No, but I’ll be thankful for each day I get to live. I choose to believe in what I have now. I choose to use to build a better future for me and for those who trust in me.  Who do you believe when it comes to your life?

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Start to believe in what you really have today, to become the RockStar in your world.

Do you Believe?

Good Monday morning to you. With less than two weeks left to this year of 2011, we are down to our final two themes for the year. The great thing about these last two weeks is we call them “The Holidays.” In less than seven days it will be Christmas. This week some of us will celebrate different religious holidays. In fact, our daughter, Jessie, is preparing a Hanukkah celebration for our family so we can experience a different tradition. One thing we all have in common? No matter what your religion is, you have a belief in something.

This is a week that will help you get ready for 2012, a week that can help you get ready for Christmas, or just help you come to terms with something we all must do to succeed. We all must have a belief in something. So I’ll call this week: “Do You Believe?”

For the most part during the next two weeks this part of the world is on autopilot. We are getting ready for times of celebration with family. And since not a lot of other things are going on, it is a great time to review what you have done in 2011 and see how you did with your goals. Each time we set a goal, we are actually beginning to take action. If we believe that we have a chance of making them come true then we act with belief to make that happen.

If you did not reach your goals in 2011, look at your belief system. Did you have a faith and belief behind them to take the actions you needed to reach them? We all know this week is the week of the Christian Christmas holiday, but many people celebrate other holidays, several of them at this time of year. It shows we all have a different belief in different religions. In some cases there are people who read this who choose no religion. But this still gives them a different belief system, and that simply reinforces that we still believe different things.

A few years ago, while working at Starbucks, we talked about the made-up holiday that was made popular by the Seinfeld TV series. I’m talking about the “Festivus.” I looked it up on the Wikipedia, and just like the line from the show, it says “it’s for the rest of us.”

Well I wanted to use this made-up holiday to show that, in life, if you believe in a made-up lie long enough you will come to believe it’s true. So while the TV show did not make up the holiday “Festivus” (it was made up many years before), it was just brought to light with the show. But when you invest your faith in something that isn’t true, it can’t sustain you through tough times.

I had another reminder this week; if you want to change your life you are going to have to make some changes in your life. So if you did not achieve the goals this year is it because you have changed your belief to something that was made up or not true?  If you want to reach the new goals you are setting for 2012, it’s time to make some changes in your belief system first. So come back each day this week to see how you need to make your belief system work for you in 2012.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Learn to believe in your goals to become the RockStar in your world.

Don’t Stop Believing

We all remember the song from the 8os, with Steve Perry and his great voice. The sound of Journey just takes me back to my younger days. While the song itself has nothing to do with today’s post, the concept of how we should never stop believing in a better future is what I want to talk about.

How we live our lives today is a sign of what we feel will happen in the future. Remember back to our week on faith and fear? Do you have faith in a better tomorrow? The actions we are taking to make our world better, the way we act and use our day today shows, the faith or the fear we have in the future.

In this week of topics about living our life and keeping our own path a green path in front of us, the fact is belief is what we use to make our own word better. Many people have spent the time watering the neighbor’s grass and build up how great the neighbor is, because they do not believe it will get better for them. I know that if you have lived many years through many hard times, the toughest thing to build is hope in a better tomorrow. But it starts there, with a belief. You have to believe it before you will see it. That is the first rule to make something come true.

The first time I heard it phrased that way all I could think of was “I’ll believe it when I see it.” That statement has made many a person faithless and hopeless in our world. Do you want to change that in your life? Well it starts with changing your belief. I once met a man who said he could change anyone’s world if he could just change the words they use. He told me that if I change what I’m saying it will change my belief, which will change my actions, thus creating the world I want to have.

When I thought about the song name that I used for today’s title I had to think back to the age of 15 when I first heard that song. At a young age, you believe you are going to change the world. For me, at the age of 15, I believed I was going to have and do certain things in my life. Many say that when reality hit them, they stopped believing in those dreams. I remember giving up on many of life’s dreams. The first time a friend presented me with business opportunities I told him it could not happen in our world today. From that point to the point of my first successful business was almost 10 years. I tried many other things, but had no hope that they would make it past that. So with a lack of belief there was lack of action to make them come true.

So where do you stand in your belief? Do you believe there is a better world out there for you? If you have a belief in a better world, then your actions that make your world up today are based on hope. When we talk about which side of the fence has the greener grass, belief is the watering process that makes that grass green. You believe your neighbor’s grass is greener so you make it that way. Instead, how will you improve YOUR grass; how will you change your world to make it better?

Right now many of you reading this are going through a struggle in life. Some are facing losing a business that you spent years in building. Someone will read this who is facing the loss of a marriage or long-term relationship. The worst thing you can do is focus on how your brother has a business that is better than yours, or your sister found such a great man. Comparing your world to someone else’s world is taking your worst and comparing it to what you think is their best. Simply not a fair trade.

In life we are all given an amount of time, we are given the tools to work with to build our life. What you do with what you have is what will create your world. No matter what trial you are going through, keep focused on the goal and act with hope today. If you are starting over with nothing, you have nothing to lose, so dream big. The attitude you have where you are at now will determine when and how you current goals and dreams come.

I have read all of Joel Osteen’s books and watched many of his TV sermons. Some of his simple comments have carried me through many tough times when starting over in the past few years. One I remember most is, “Do what you can do and God will meet you with what he can do where you need it most.” I’ll use that in a practical personal story to end today.

When I was working at Starbucks and had to live on $100 a week in pay, plus about $50 a week in tips. I was riding a borrowed motorcycle. In the winter months it was hard and I found myself getting rides. So I knew it was a long way off but decided to act in faith and hope. I started taking $10 a week and putting it in a cup to start saving to get a car. After five weeks it was mentioned to me by a mall maintenance person he had a car at his house that he was not using. With a little work it could get me back and forth to work. I asked him how much and he said $100. Well when I had the $50 he sold it to me for that. Another friend gave me tires I needed for it, and another gave me money to get the registration and insurance on it. I was able to get to work for the winter in a car. I did what I could, and God brought the other resources together to make it happen for me to have a car in five weeks. I was thinking I would be walking for a year before I got a car. Do you have the belief in what you are doing? Well with that belief, a plan of action and letting God do his part you will see that plan come to action.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live the life you always wanted, to love what you do and those you share life with. Don’t stop believing in your world becoming better and soon you will be the rockstar in your world.