My Generation

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Good Thursday morning to you. If you have not heard by now another of our great musicians in Rock ‘n’ Roll history has passed away. Davy Jones, the singer from a group called The Monkeys, at 66 years of age left this earth. In a week in which we’re talking about the word “different,” I had picked a song from The Who to use this week, to talk about how from one generation to the next what we think is normal will be considered strange by our parents – and by our kids.

I wanted to use the song in the title to talk about how Rock ‘n’ Roll has changed over the years, how we have changed over the years, how each generation has a different way of doing things. Many times today in our world someone will hear the phrase, “That’s not the way we did it in my day.” I wish I could tell you how many times I see the things my kids are doing and want to tell them, “When I was your age we did…”

In a world that has system after system failing when we have troubles in politics, troubles in our economy, troubles in the way we see different ways, when life is going to be different, that same old way of doing things will not always work. You will have to learn to do some things differently if you want to make a success of it.

I was thinking, as I heard the news of Davy Jones yesterday, how as a child I remember The Monkies on a TV show. In the ‘70s we had a black and white television. It was this big box about the size of a small chest of drawers. We had three channels to watch. When you fell in love with a show like The Monkies I remember having to count the days till it was back on again. Then I remember when it was no longer on TV.

Now we have a TV that is as thin as our table top was back then, it can be moved from our room to another by one person. We have over 500 channels to choose from. If you miss your show you can record it on a computer device. If you like a show on a certain network you can watch it there many times over, as it will be repeated throughout the week. We watch movies and our favorite now comes on the movie channels about four times a day.

This time of just watching the TV is different than when I was a child; imagine where it will go in the future. As a child, a computer was a big thing taking up a whole room in a company building somewhere; now I hold my computer on my lap and have a tablet iPad that I can watch videos on. Imagine how the world will be different.

So let’s look at how we deal with differences in the generations of change, how we can use them to build on our success and not let ourselves hold on to the old-fashioned traditions that would keep us down.

Yesterday we spoke about how we need some sort of structure, or discipline, to work towards our goals. Before that we talked about defining who we are, and started the week off with using our belief in purpose.

No matter what it is that you find out you are, what system you have to work to get to your goals, you are going to have to accept the fact that the world is going to change so you will also have to adapt. I have to adapt all the time. As I mentioned last week, people tell me, “You have a great idea” all the time. It fits with not only this generation (our kids’ age), but mine as well.

I have to always be in a process of change to accept the fact I need to be able to relate to those who maybe never heard Rock music from my generation. But then, think of the people who are in the generation of listening to The Monkeys or The Beatles. They know of bands I have never heard of. I have to build and expand my great niche to be able to relate to all music, from all generations. If I don’t, my idea won’t be a great one any longer.

So in closing, let me leave you with this; find out who you are, find a path to take and learn to live in this generation, the here and now.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Love where you came from but be the RockStar now.


Stand Out From the Crowd

Good Monday morning to you. With the month of January winding down, how are your goals for 2012 working? In a world with so many people trying to fit a mold, I want to take this week to talk about something that is needed in our world. It’s time to stand out, to break out of your mold today.

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the different result. Then you read that you must find something that you succeed at it and do it over and over again to perfect it. It seems like a paradox to make it work.

When I looked at my own life, the times that I was successful were those times when I would make a brave move, and it just worked. Then everyone would look and ask me, “How did you make that work?” Being the stand-out person could get you the contract you were looking for, or the sale that was needed. But this also would set you up to do something again.

To stand out from the crowd you must do things that make you stand out, and you must do them as a consistent part of life. With the world economy we have seen over the past few years, so many of the companies and people we are trying to serve are cutting budgets. If you want to keep the job you have or get that job you’re looking for, you have to develop a life of being different, but not like that creepy kid from high school. You have to stand out. So how do we take a step-by-step way of changing and standing out from who we are now?

We have all heard the stories and even seen the pictures of snowflakes. We’re told every snow flake is different, each has a different shape. In life we all have the same different shape like that snow flake. Those things that you have gone through up till now are what give you that unique shape that makes you stand out from the crowd.

The funny thing about me is that I have been known more as a consistent and steady person. But looking at when I would create a business, I always had some creative idea that made for a great take off. And I found that it takes another great creative idea to keep moving.

The thing that attracts most people that come to me for coaching is they all want to find that one thing that would make them stand out. They have come to a place that they realize they keep running up against a wall with every one of those cookie cutter business ideas they’ve tried. The problem is we are all unique, we are different. Learning to make that a success is the key to building your own success.

With the rest of this week we are going to talk about the stand-out thing I use in coaching, and speaking: rock music, movies, American pop culture, and entrepreneurship. I will be telling some stories of how stand-out people find success in life.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Learn to stand out and be the RockStar in your world.