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Good Thursday morning to you. If you have not heard by now another of our great musicians in Rock ‘n’ Roll history has passed away. Davy Jones, the singer from a group called The Monkeys, at 66 years of age left this earth. In a week in which we’re talking about the word “different,” I had picked a song from The Who to use this week, to talk about how from one generation to the next what we think is normal will be considered strange by our parents – and by our kids.

I wanted to use the song in the title to talk about how Rock ‘n’ Roll has changed over the years, how we have changed over the years, how each generation has a different way of doing things. Many times today in our world someone will hear the phrase, “That’s not the way we did it in my day.” I wish I could tell you how many times I see the things my kids are doing and want to tell them, “When I was your age we did…”

In a world that has system after system failing when we have troubles in politics, troubles in our economy, troubles in the way we see different ways, when life is going to be different, that same old way of doing things will not always work. You will have to learn to do some things differently if you want to make a success of it.

I was thinking, as I heard the news of Davy Jones yesterday, how as a child I remember The Monkies on a TV show. In the ‘70s we had a black and white television. It was this big box about the size of a small chest of drawers. We had three channels to watch. When you fell in love with a show like The Monkies I remember having to count the days till it was back on again. Then I remember when it was no longer on TV.

Now we have a TV that is as thin as our table top was back then, it can be moved from our room to another by one person. We have over 500 channels to choose from. If you miss your show you can record it on a computer device. If you like a show on a certain network you can watch it there many times over, as it will be repeated throughout the week. We watch movies and our favorite now comes on the movie channels about four times a day.

This time of just watching the TV is different than when I was a child; imagine where it will go in the future. As a child, a computer was a big thing taking up a whole room in a company building somewhere; now I hold my computer on my lap and have a tablet iPad that I can watch videos on. Imagine how the world will be different.

So let’s look at how we deal with differences in the generations of change, how we can use them to build on our success and not let ourselves hold on to the old-fashioned traditions that would keep us down.

Yesterday we spoke about how we need some sort of structure, or discipline, to work towards our goals. Before that we talked about defining who we are, and started the week off with using our belief in purpose.

No matter what it is that you find out you are, what system you have to work to get to your goals, you are going to have to accept the fact that the world is going to change so you will also have to adapt. I have to adapt all the time. As I mentioned last week, people tell me, “You have a great idea” all the time. It fits with not only this generation (our kids’ age), but mine as well.

I have to always be in a process of change to accept the fact I need to be able to relate to those who maybe never heard Rock music from my generation. But then, think of the people who are in the generation of listening to The Monkeys or The Beatles. They know of bands I have never heard of. I have to build and expand my great niche to be able to relate to all music, from all generations. If I don’t, my idea won’t be a great one any longer.

So in closing, let me leave you with this; find out who you are, find a path to take and learn to live in this generation, the here and now.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Love where you came from but be the RockStar now.


Hire a Life Coach – Reason #5

Wow! It has been a great week. When I first thought of doing this theme, it was this very last point that I was actually thinking of. The point is that we only get one life and we should be good stewards of the life that has been given to us. Have you thought of life in that way? We only get one time to do this, and we should not waste it repeating one failure after another; instead, we should learn from them.

So beginning with that idea, I came up with my five reasons and put them into this theme for the week. Every one of those things we talked about this week was leading up to the idea that we have only one life. And each thing we talked about this week makes sense in that context.

A life coach can help you to keep on track with accountability so you can live your life and do what you know you need to do. That way we don’t waste time as we are getting to those things that are really important. Like we mentioned on Monday, if a coach keeps you accountable, then you are a better steward of the life you have been given, doing more of what you want to do, and less of what you don’t want.

On Tuesday we talked about how we use life lessons to help us keep from repeating mistakes. That’s not saying that we don’t still get an education but maybe while getting that education we also learn some life lessons that you can’t pick up in class. Don’t put off doing something because you cannot afford the education process. Find a way to work through it and learn it as you go. There are so many ways we can improve our businesses or the job path we are on by doing this with real life lessons. They can help us and those who will follow behind us.

On Wednesday we talked about goals and how to keep focused on them. When you are a good steward of the life you have been given, you do not waste time on things that are not needed or wanted in your life. So many people get side-tracked in life and before you know it life is gone. A life coach can help you stay focused so you get the most out of everything you set out to do.

Yesterday we spoke about how a life coach can help you learn more about yourself. This is something I wish I had discovered earlier in my own life. When I see how we are advancing as a world with new technology, I now like how we are working to improve our education system to help our kids learn faster. But I used to think I didn’t need to learn about new technology and I resisted it for a while – until I realized it wasn’t technology I was afraid of. I feared that I wouldn’t understand it or be able to make it work. Once I finally learned not to be afraid of it, I saw what a difference it could make for me. And once I had that insight into myself, it made a huge difference in my life – and made me a better steward of the life I had.

The biggest thing about being a good steward of what we have is it lets use the talents that we have been given, not just for our sake but for the sake of our world. If you could build a better world for you and those you love, would you?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s posts. Let’s make a great use of the life we have been given. 2012 will be starting in just a few weeks. Why not start working out your plan for the next year now? If you need a coach to help you get 2012 on track, to live your life on your terms then contact me for a free coaching session to see how coaching will help you. See you next week.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Get a plan for your 2012 now and be a RockStar in your world.

Hire a Life Coach # 3

The middle of the week is here and it’s about halfway through the month of December. The year of 2011 is almost over and we are on Reason Number Three of the five reasons I am writing about why I believe you should hire a life coach.

Yesterday was an important day on this blog for me and it fits right in with today’s topic. The third reason I think people should hire a life coach is to stay on track with the goals they really want to accomplish. So how does our topic today relate to this week’s theme? Well you might have guessed that it has something to do with goals of mine. Yesterday was post number 240 for me on this blog and I passed over 7,000 views yesterday. But what were the goals I had for this blog for 2011?

In 2011, I wanted to reach 7,500 views and I wanted to have written 250 posts. Well it can still happen as the year is not over. But I cannot take it to another 500 views on my own; I need your help. If you follow us on facebook you may have noticed we have a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion going on. The challenge is for you to post a link for this on your page each day for the next 12 days and help me reach my goals. That’s the end of my commercial; back to the topic of the day.

When I talk about keeping your goals on target, I mean that we can all get very distracted with other things when we are trying to reach a goal or mission with our lives. For example, I can start off and make a step towards something in a particular topic, then end up writing an entire paragraph that has nothing to do with the day’s post. Things can end up taking you off track.

The reason I put that short story above about my blog was to prove the point about getting off focus on your goals. When I begin working with new clients on starting over, the first thing on my list is not addressing goals. First, I want them to clear their heads, to obtain a clear focus, to start cleaning up the mess they are in. Then we get to the future goals. In life you may have set many goals that you may or may not have reached. Why jump into a coaching relationship and continue at the same thing that did not work before? The problem isn’t always about not having goals; sometimes it’s about having too many or the wrong kinds of goals.

That is why I get those things out of the way first; then we get a clear view of what goals you want to really achieve in your life. Then we can focus our work to keep you on the right track. We can keep you from getting off on a path that is not consistent with the goals that you have presented, like I purposely did above to slip in and tell you about my blog goals. You see, me telling you about my blog goals isn’t only self-serving. Sure, it was kind of related to the topic at hand, but it really had nothing to do with the actual point of today’s blog – staying focused. It was a little off track.

So, as life coaches, it will be our job to keep you focused on reaching the goals you have set. When you tell us that you want to head in another direction, we will ask you questions, ask what your overall plan is. Imagine how many goals you could have reached! Imagine where you would be now if you’d had a life coach to keep you on target when you lost focus! Is it time to hire a life coach?

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Keep on a focused track with your goals and become the RockStar in your world.

Hire a Life Coach — Reason 2

Good Tuesday morning to you. Today we continue with our reasons why you should hire a life coach. I’ve been reflecting back to years ago when I was thinking about the life coaching field, and what it is we, as coaches, offer. Today we are going to cover the one thing that sets so many people apart in the learning process of life.

As a coach I offer practical life lessons to help you learn versus a textbook-style learning. So many people today have become used to our current education system. But I want to think about how many of our world’s success stories never obtained a college degree. How many of them never got to college? How many of them never finished high school?

This past year, I read the story of Steve Jobs and how he left college. It’s not so much the fact that he didn’t earn a college degree but the story of him taking courses that mattered to him that struck me. He continued to study, taking a class here and there of interest to him. One class he took was in Calligraphy; it interested him. Well, if you know that story it is because of that class that we have the different fonts on our computers today. Sometimes life has small pleasures that bring us far more learning.

Did you ever play a game and learn something about yourself based on the results of that game? When attending a life-enrichment seminar years ago, the concept was told of games and how you can learn so much about someone by the way they play a game. Then last year, I met Jenifer Luney and her great networking event B-Harmony. Her purpose is to get people to learn who they might want to do business with by having a fun time playing a game together. Games are a great way to learn more about yourself.

As a coach, I ask people to do exercises. Then we use the experience to help them realize how they do things. Imagine if you could learn something with an exercise or a task that makes it sink in? You can now find growth to get past something that may have puzzled you for years. We, as coaches, use the tools and experience of life to help you learn.

I have often used places and things as examples to show people the ways they have built up fear. Then I’m able to use an exercise and show them that the fear was something they built in their minds. I remember the time I was able to show a young lady that she really did trust by using a small exercise of getting her to walk on a wall that was around a lookout over a valley. In life we all need to learn more about ourselves. As coaches, we like to find those ways to get you past the things that keep you from success. Then we give you a small exercise and relate it to your life.

So why should you hire a life coach? Today’s reason is that we help you, through practical lessons, learn that you can be the successful person you have always wanted to be. And, through those same practical lessons and tasks, we help you get there. So what is keeping you from getting your free life coach session to find out how we could help you?

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Learn from living your life to become the RockStar in your world.

Hire a Life Coach. Reason #1

Did you ever try something over and over again, with one failure after another? Then you find a friend doing the same thing, so you decide to work together. In a matter of weeks you are able to see progress.

So many people try to be the Lone Ranger in business; they try to be the star at the job, or the one who scores all the points in the softball league. We have heard the phrase over and over again: “There’s no ‘I’ in team.” They teach more and more how a team is needed for success. But in life many people try to work on their own, using trial and error, learning the job as they go along. The concept of a salesperson helping you buy something new by walking you through the process, learning about you to help find exactly what you need has become nothing more than salespeople just helping themselves to your money to keep their numbers up.

Let me tell you a story of how people-coaching could change your world: A few years ago I was able to get a real estate investment company started. I had been to many seminars that taught how to buy homes and resell them, or how to have the right income from rentals. I was told so many times that you can buy a home with no money down. But when I talked to different realtors I was told that stuff they teach at the seminars just doesn’t work. You have to have good credit and money to put down to buy. So I still kept reading and studying what programs I could use to do this.

Then I was able to get some help. I actually talked to a realtor who was doing the same thing I wanted to do. I told her what I had, what I wanted to do and shared the goals. She walked me through many of the processes, but I kept hitting a wall. She then suggested a way to get around that wall over time so I could get income coming in. It was a step-by-step process to get me through; she would coach me on the process then ask me if I had done the work. After I did my work she would show me the options that worked for me when I was ready.

Now imagine if you wanted to start a new workout routine, but you can’t seem to get yourself motivated to start. A few years ago I was able to reconnect with a childhood friend, Marc, who only lives three hours from me. He told me how as he turned 40 he wanted to get into better health. He and his wife started to ride bikes and when they started doing it together they pushed each other to keep up with the workout. They now ride and race their bikes in many races and rides all over the country. Imagine how far he would have gotten had he tried to do this on his own; without the support of his wife he likely would only have done it until hitting resistance.

So, how do we, as coaches, help you become accountable? In life we all hit walls, the wall of no money when you are trying to get a new business off the ground. Maybe it’s the wall of not having the breath to finish your first race. Or the time you work to plan a great family event for the first time and your child ends up sick. Whatever the wall is, you hit them.

As a coach we are there to remind you of the goals you set for yourself, letting you know the goals are more important than the struggle you are now facing. We ask you the questions to make sure that the list of goals you set for yourself is truly what you wanted to do. We remind you that if you choose one path instead of the other, what the results will be. We show you the benefit of where you are going when you see no progress.

In this life you could work to do all of this yourself. You could find the person who calls himself a coach while taking your money and making you feel good. Well the idea behind a good coach is to push you towards the purpose you set out in life. Working by yourself you could make it or you could keep running into walls as I did for years trying to start my real estate business.

In your life, if you have friends or family that you have used for you’re coaching, make sure they hold you accountable. They are pushing you towards the purpose and passion you truly have in life. If they are just telling you what you want to hear then it’s time to get someone who will keep you on track, If your purpose and goals are that important in life then it’s time to hire a life coach to get you past the obstacle or wall that you are stuck on.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach; it’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Get someone to hold you accountable to reaching your goals, and become the RockStar in your world.

Where is the Money?

Good Tuesday morning to you. We are going to continue our week of problems and coaching. Today I want to address an issue that people are always asking me. If you are helping people start over where do they get the money to pay you? After all, to keep this a working business you have to find a way to get paid. If you are working and your business is not building an income you are only working on a hobby. Today I want to show you how you build to make things long-term.

I must say when I got into this business it was tough to start out. I’ve always been a person who built smaller businesses that had immediate income. While there would be money coming in right away it usually was not money that could change your life. In fact, it was often a lower income than you might expect. So over the years I have learned how to start businesses that make both immediate income, and then build to make a long-term stream of income that helps you to have more money coming in with less effort later.

Let me explain. When I was starting a car wash business it was easy to find some immediate customers so that I could have money coming in. Usually they were given deals to make them regular customers. So it meant income but very low profit for the effort. So at first you have ways to pay for food and housing, keep your supplies coming in to continue, but then you build by living on less and look for ways to refine your model to have better profit and higher sales.

So when I work to help people who have the problem of starting over, I understand they may not always have money to pay for services that I offer. I create smaller programs that are lower cost and they usually include self-help for you to take small steps to get yourself moving forward.

Another thing I often find is when people are starting over they may be spending more money on things they haven’t realized they really don’t need or that they could get cheaper better deals than they already have. In that case we get them an appointment with the consultants over at Business Rising, a group that is able to take a look at the business side of life to see if you are getting the best deals on what you are using. To make sure you are not paying for things you really don’t need. It is a joy to start helping people who, after they cut things out, feel as if they got a raise and are able to help them hire a coach to make it even better.

The next area I work with is entrepreneurs. I help people see that they have money-making ideas inside them that they never knew about. Some people I work with are already entrepreneurs and have hired a coach who was able to show them customers they were walking by every day. I have to say these are some of my favorite people to work with; they already have a creative mind and just need to stretch it a bit. What better way to do that than to have another creative mind show you that there is more profit in helping those two or three customers that you just walked by, instead of those that are currently wasting your time and paying you very little money because they don’t have the money to spend?

I am currently working on creating a workshop to present at companies, to help the employees of small and medium businesses learn to think like an entrepreneur; to help grow the company so it becomes a more profitable place, creating more jobs, and paying its employees more.

In fact, this is one of the most important things that I work on with those I help: to solve the problems in life in starting over; showing them they have the ideas inside them to create a dream of ideal life and become an entrepreneur, building a new company, charity, business, and doing it with actually enjoyment of life. Imagine living in your world, doing what you want, living with less stress, actually spending time with family and friends doing things you all enjoy. All while making the money you need, and working towards the money you want.

So do you have an idea for a business? Have you ever wanted to learn to think like an entrepreneur? Would you like to develop that idea to make your job a dream job, or create a dream lifestyle with it? Now is the time to find the money. Now is the time to take the action. It takes a process to get there, so if you want to get started the next step is up to you.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time for you to create the life you always wanted to live, to learn to love what you do and those you share life with, create your world and become the RockStar in it.