My Generation

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Good Thursday morning to you. If you have not heard by now another of our great musicians in Rock ‘n’ Roll history has passed away. Davy Jones, the singer from a group called The Monkeys, at 66 years of age left this earth. In a week in which we’re talking about the word “different,” I had picked a song from The Who to use this week, to talk about how from one generation to the next what we think is normal will be considered strange by our parents – and by our kids.

I wanted to use the song in the title to talk about how Rock ‘n’ Roll has changed over the years, how we have changed over the years, how each generation has a different way of doing things. Many times today in our world someone will hear the phrase, “That’s not the way we did it in my day.” I wish I could tell you how many times I see the things my kids are doing and want to tell them, “When I was your age we did…”

In a world that has system after system failing when we have troubles in politics, troubles in our economy, troubles in the way we see different ways, when life is going to be different, that same old way of doing things will not always work. You will have to learn to do some things differently if you want to make a success of it.

I was thinking, as I heard the news of Davy Jones yesterday, how as a child I remember The Monkies on a TV show. In the ‘70s we had a black and white television. It was this big box about the size of a small chest of drawers. We had three channels to watch. When you fell in love with a show like The Monkies I remember having to count the days till it was back on again. Then I remember when it was no longer on TV.

Now we have a TV that is as thin as our table top was back then, it can be moved from our room to another by one person. We have over 500 channels to choose from. If you miss your show you can record it on a computer device. If you like a show on a certain network you can watch it there many times over, as it will be repeated throughout the week. We watch movies and our favorite now comes on the movie channels about four times a day.

This time of just watching the TV is different than when I was a child; imagine where it will go in the future. As a child, a computer was a big thing taking up a whole room in a company building somewhere; now I hold my computer on my lap and have a tablet iPad that I can watch videos on. Imagine how the world will be different.

So let’s look at how we deal with differences in the generations of change, how we can use them to build on our success and not let ourselves hold on to the old-fashioned traditions that would keep us down.

Yesterday we spoke about how we need some sort of structure, or discipline, to work towards our goals. Before that we talked about defining who we are, and started the week off with using our belief in purpose.

No matter what it is that you find out you are, what system you have to work to get to your goals, you are going to have to accept the fact that the world is going to change so you will also have to adapt. I have to adapt all the time. As I mentioned last week, people tell me, “You have a great idea” all the time. It fits with not only this generation (our kids’ age), but mine as well.

I have to always be in a process of change to accept the fact I need to be able to relate to those who maybe never heard Rock music from my generation. But then, think of the people who are in the generation of listening to The Monkeys or The Beatles. They know of bands I have never heard of. I have to build and expand my great niche to be able to relate to all music, from all generations. If I don’t, my idea won’t be a great one any longer.

So in closing, let me leave you with this; find out who you are, find a path to take and learn to live in this generation, the here and now.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Love where you came from but be the RockStar now.


A Blog That Matters Week

Good Monday morning to you. Was that not a great Super Bowl yesterday? No matter who was playing or if you cared who won, it was a great game. Thinking of the week I had planned and watching the Super Bowl this weekend helped me to launch this week’s topic, which is “What does it takes to run a blog?” People ask me that all the time. Another question is, “Do you really write all that stuff?” Then I get the “How do you do that?” question.

Well one of the great things that I tell people to do to become a RockStar in their world is a tip I have used over the past ten years. I have found it is a tip that other RockStar trainers use also. Even my buddies, Mike O’Neil and Craig Duswalt, use this: Don’t run around and tell everyone what you are going to do. Go out and do something, then let your work speak for itself. I have heard it said another way: Don’t tell, but do. Or: Go and do it then tell others how you did and coach them to do the same.

I have built a blog and now am working on building two more. So many have started a blog as well from the very ideas that I do and formed a niche that is all theirs. Check out my bike riding buddy Jnthn Roadblock in his blog. Or my partner and fiancé Gwynne and her Lady Biker Travel blog. I also work to help Brent and his Biker Monkey blog. They all have a different message and I love to see them succeed, many of them have the links back to my blog as they have looked up to me. If you remember, last year I had a post titled “How did you do that?” It’s about helping others. One of my mentors was Zig Ziglar, who is well known for saying “You can have what you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”

So I am always out to help others succeed on their own blogs. I am always willing to jump in to help in a book launch as I will with my good friend Jessica Rector this coming spring. I was glad to be on Mike and Lori’s Rock the world radio show. It’s about always being willing to help.

This week I want to give you some tips from those who have helped me, as well as things I have learned along the way on how I built this blog and how I make it work. I will be doing a post each day about how others helped me and if you want you can get the same help from them as well.

I’ll have tips from Steve Scott, who wrote a great program about affiliate marketing called Affiliate Marketing Without the BS. Steve is the one who prompted me to write more often and find quality material.

Then there is Rhonda Hess. Her coaching programs and the school she helped create with Will Craig, called Coach Training Alliance, are what I used to learn to be a coach.  They actually have a book on becoming a coach.

I learned how to really write a blog that matters and build a world of quality and make it my own from another great – Corbett Barr from Think Traffic who wrote the excellent program, Start a Blog That Matters.

I will tell you this week about the great processes I learned to use and some of the great tools that make it easy from Mail Services, called Mail Chimp, to the great services to manage my writing with my editor using Drop Box.

I will share how I started on, but then moved to a self-hosted site with a format. I learned what the best deals are on buying domains, learned how to get the domain that best fits a brand I want. I will also share with you some of the places you can get affiliates and how I use them.

I work with offline companies to provide products and for speaking at live events. I have even built a way that I’m able to market the lifestyle I live. I get many deals on the things I use and own; it’s like making your life a walking commercial and getting paid to do the things you enjoy, all while sending business to others.

So this is the week’s theme and you will want to be here for each post. If you want to learn how to live a dream like I do, how to write a blog and use your life and your stories to change the world you live and, as well as do what Zig said – help others get what they want – then you will get that this week. Get ready to rock with your blog.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Build a blog that matters and become a RockStar in your world.

Getting Past the Past

It’s time to finish up the week and I want to be honest with you. My writings this week were about a fresh start but I have spent most of my week locked in my office facing another one of my depressed modes that come from time to time. Dealing with depression while writing words of encouragement is not always that easy; it means I’m writing for myself as much as for you.

I have found in life that the many struggles I have gone through and the ones I’m going through now are what give me some of the best ideas that I write and speak about. I was thinking this week of all the artists — from writers of books and blogs like me, to those who paint pictures and do other visual arts, to the musical artists who write and perform our great songs. So many of the great art works of our world came from someone who was dealing with pain and that art or music or writing is an outlet for those feelings.

When making the many fresh starts and startovers in life that I have gone through, I have faced these issues of depression as I did this week every time. If you go back in my history of writing you, will see of one of the topics I talked about was from the movie, A Beautiful Mind. It’s the idea that someone could use the mind God gave them to learn to control the emotions they are feeling and get to the results they want.

In the movie, the main character was a brilliant mathematician, a genius who suffered from a severe psychotic disorder and schizophrenia. When he took medicine to control the disorder, he found the trade-off in his life was too great so he decided he would use his mind and his will to tell himself what was real (his wife, his child and his colleagues) and what was not (his hallucinogenic “friends” who never aged and therefore could not be real).

My point is not that abandoning medicine is the right approach for everyone; my point is that we can take ownership and responsibility for much of what we are feeling and when we do that, we have the power to overcome those feelings that aren’t helping us.

We are all going to have hard times while making a fresh start. In life you would not be starting over if what you had was a success. There are some exceptions to this rule, but usually it was a feeling that made a person decide what he or she was doing was not a success.

I have several friends here in the Dallas area that walked away from some rather nice companies they have built. I have one friend who walked away from the IT field with history at many companies – not because he was not successful by most standards, but because he no longer felt his life was a success. This is one of the many stories I know. Sometimes people are just tired of what they are doing, and say, “That is enough.”

So as we finish this week out I want to leave you with one last idea. It’s your life. If you have chosen to make a fresh start at something in your life; if you have decided you no longer want to do something; if you feel you’re a failure because your last venture did not pay for the life style you wanted and decided to start over; if, maybe, just last year you were not able to achieve the success you wanted to; here are my great words for you: It’s OK. You are still alive so make the fresh start.

This time, consider the entire picture of what you want. Don’t let your feelings tell you that you are a failure; instead, work to control them so that they also encourage you toward your goals. Build your support system. Make a motivational playlist. Find a friend you can talk to about trials to get encouragement. Have an affirmation list to get you past the things that hold you back.

2012 is your year to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Learn to get past the hard feelings and become the RockStar in your world.

New Habits

Good Friday morning to you. It’s the last weekday of the year in 2011. I have been putting so much thought into this week, planning out this week and knowing this would be that last day of this week’s theme, the last regular blog post of the year. So I wanted to make it great, memorable, something that would move you to plan some great moves to change your world in 2012.

I want to take you back to this time last year. The end of the year for 2010 was good for me. I was making plans to move my business to another level in the New Year. I was going to do new things that would change my world, planning to come out with new books, planning to launch my New You program. I was doing a lot of writing. I had traveled many miles on my motorcycle during the year and was looking forward to planning the first of many road trips to help people. I was working on the idea of a motorcycle road trip as both an adventure and a self-discovery and growth seminar for the participants. But that all changed December 31, 2010.

My mother had just arrived for a two-month visit and I had taken her to visit IKEA; we had a few more places we had to stop. But while driving home, at about 4 pm, my mom received a phone call that was rather strange. It was the hospital back home calling to tell us that my dad decided to start his new year early, and not on this earth. This blog post is not about our loss. It’s not about family. I do miss my dad and this year there have been many new levels I’ve taken my business and personal life to that I would have called him first thing to share with him. Yes, I miss all that and it was hard to celebrate the holidays this year as it’s my first without him, the first one where I did not receive his call to say “Merry Christmas.”

As I said, though, this is not about him. It’s not about the way that we lost him. Each year we all try to have great New Year’s resolutions. We set great goals for our lives; we want to start over and change our world. As far back as I remember each year I took the New Year as a time to make that one move that was life-changing. I made the plans, and planned to start them on New Year’s Day. But something is always going on in our life that can keep us from making the changes to be that new person we want. We always have something that could be a hurdle to get over.

Last year losing my dad on New Year’s Eve changed my plans. I was to be at a riding event we do every year on New Year’s Day. I could not make that. I was up at 4 am New Year’s Day and on a flight back to Pennsylvania by 6 am. I was trying to find a rental car and was not sure how long I would need it. I was making arrangements to find places for everyone to stay as I had family coming in from around the world.

The plans I had made to start my new year were all on hold; handling family events always takes you from your business plans. As I said, life will have many things to throw at you. So how do you get started to make your plans work in 2012, no matter what gets thrown your way?

It is now that you need to create new habits to make your plans happen. Gwynne works part-time as a leader for Weight Watchers and she has told me how she gets her people to start the New Year by practicing good habits and changing old habits before December starts. She challenges her members to start their goals right NOW; don’t wait for a special day as your start day. You can plan to change your life anytime. You need to form habits that make your plans come to work.

Now, my new habits would not have changed the fact that it was my dad’s time, but they could have impacted how long I delayed before implementing the changes. For example, if you want to change your life and live a healthy lifestyle, you change your eating and exercise habits – now. Life events will happen, but when you have a habit built in to make your life better it’s no problem to work around the speed bumps and life events that are going to happen.

In 2012, I have bigger plans for my life than last year; I have created the habits already to make them happen. As my life consists of lots of travel, I have to be able to work on things no matter where I am. I continue to build my business no matter where I’m at. I did not get started with the many things I wanted to do this year until March. Imagine if I had put those habits into my life before my trip to Pennsylvania for a month!

So as we finish up this year, I hope you have put the habits into your life that will help you reach those goals you have been planning to reach. The journey is going to have a bump in the road along the way. Habits will help you maintain on those days that you cannot work to move forward.

This will not be the last blog post of the year. I am doing a “best of” blog tomorrow to finish out our year. Until tomorrow, I’m Tim Gillette the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Create habits to enjoy the journey and then you will always be the RockStar in your world.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

I woke up this morning at 7:30 am, which is about two hours earlier than I normally get up. Most of the people I know get up at that hour, but most of the people I know are also in bed asleep while I’m up writing or reading until 2 or 3 am. So I woke up hungry this morning and got up to eat something. I noticed the color of the sky, that tint of orange that tells you the sun is about to shine on your world. For the past week it has been cloudy. When you ride a motorcycle everywhere, you hate cloud cover. So as well as addressing my hunger, I was up to see the sun rise to a day with no clouds.

Since I got up so early this morning I was able to sit and have some breakfast time with my honey, something we don’t get to do much with my late schedule and her early one. We were talking about my new iPad, and about my laptop. The battery on this laptop needs to be replaced, but I have put it off. While writing this week about planning I thought I would share some personal areas even I need to grow in.

I recall many years ago when buying my last laptop, not wanting to get a new one, because I liked the old operating system. I was not ready to try new things and at the time I did not use a computer as much as I do now. My mother told me to accept that things were going to move forward and I should keep up. Well now I have a laptop with a failing battery, a new one would cost maybe $50. It’s not like we don’t have that much money for a new battery; as Gwynne put it to me, I spent far more than that last year on my hair. In this case, if I wanted something, needed it, I would find the money. So why have I waited to get a new one?

Even I need to grow in life. This is another sign of how I need to look to brighter days. Yes we have challenges and yes things do not always work to our favor. But we need to look on the bright side of life. (I know you all just started singing the song from Monty Python!)

Always look on the bright side of life. I recall the morning radio show I listened to as a teen in Philadelphia. The morning DJ would always play that song at the end of his show each morning. You could say that is something I still need to have played for me each day to plan better for my computer. But the truth is I was planning my next year not thinking of what could happen; only what I had in front of me. For Christmas, I received an iPad2. It was not part of my plans, but now it is going to change many things I do with this next year to make my business more efficient, to help in many ways.

Still I have not gotten the new battery for my old laptop, which I still use. Is it because I have the hope that I will get the new computer this year, or am I still worried that I will not be able to pay the bills again? I lived that way for many years. As an entrepreneur you invest your money in the place it’s needed most. You pay your employees, your bills, you purchase the things you need. Well it’s time to get past that; it’s time to look on the bright side of life.

So as we finish 2011, you may have had a tough year. Maybe you lost a loved one as I did this time last year. If you have no hope in a brighter tomorrow, then you will only get what you have already gotten. It’s time to brighten your life up.

As I write this, it’s 9:30 in the morning, the time I usually get up and I’m tired because I woke up so much earlier than usual. But I can’t go back to sleep because the sun is shining off the surface of the lake outside my window, making a reflection that dances over the bedroom walls. As I said, it’s time to brighten up your life. The sun is shining on the water reflecting in the windows. It’s time to plan for a brighter future.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Plan for a bright future and become a RockStar in your world.


Reason #4 to Hire a Life Coach

Good Thursday morning to you. I love the feedback we have gotten from this week’s posts. So many of you have written me to say you see the points of where you could use a life coach. If I have not gotten to your email yet I promise you will hear back from me soon.

Today is another great reason: the fact that a life coach is able to show you some insights into yourself. We are able to use the ways we teach, the life lessons, if you will, to show you how to grow, but also to show you how to understand yourself.

If you ever get to see me speak, you know I almost always have a 3×5 index card in my hand if I do not have a place to set it while I talk. One thing I have learned about my topics when I speak is I can get off track depending on the way the people in the room react to the subject. So my little card keeps me on the point, it keeps me in the time frame I’ve planned on so I can touch on everything I mean to in the time allotted to me to speak.

The other thing I know about myself is that I must keep myself motivated to do little things like writing these posts each day. I learned how to do that from working with a coach myself. One thing I learned was that I do best when I start each day with a particular playlist on iTunes. I have a motivational playlist, and use it to start my day. It keeps me in a positive mood when I must work and don’t want to.

I also have learned that even though it takes minimal exercise to keep me in shape, I am getting older and one of my goals for next year is to start riding my mountain bike again. I also want to change my eating habits again to give myself more energy and better health as I get older. These are things I learned about myself by having a health coach.

In your life, you have many things that you can do to keep yourself on track. You may be like me and read articles on self-improvement and setting goals. Maybe you have a friend to keep you accountable. But in all of that are you able to get a good insight into who you really are? Do you have someone to point out the areas you need growth in? Do you have a way to actually find the things you are better at?

As a life coach and entrepreneur coach, I am able to work with clients and not only show them areas of improvement with the actions they take, but in some cases I am able to show them an area they are really good at and maybe help them to develop a new income stream they never thought possible. Even my wife-to-be, Gwynne, has found some great things she likes to do and ways that we are able to put her skills to work. She started a Lady Biker Blog last year and it gives her creative ideas for using her bike not only for fun but making the daily trips to and from work a challenge. As a coach we are always looking for ways to help you improve your life.

So a few weeks ago I was able to show someone who recently started working with me how to experience what they really wanted their life to be like. This person wanted to feel less stress in life, yet be able to continue meeting their responsibilities while building the passion they wanted. I gave them the assignment to lock themselves in the bathroom and play the guitar naked.

Each aspect of this assignment represented something in life: locking the door kept the stress of the world out; playing the guitar represented living a passion; playing naked represented the fact that they wanted to be free from the world. Now we are in the process of creating the world this person wants to live in. The strange assignment shows what the inner self wanted to do.

A life coach will read you and help you see what we’re reading. The great part about it is you will come out owning the ideas, as we are here to get you to think of what you want and we use practical lessons to bring it out of you. I told that client I was going to share that story the person said that was ok. It was kind of out there, but it worked. I would never give an assignment that did not benefit you as a person.

So what do you want to know about yourself? I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Are you ready to learn more about your inner self and become a RockStar in your world?

Hire a Life Coach # 3

The middle of the week is here and it’s about halfway through the month of December. The year of 2011 is almost over and we are on Reason Number Three of the five reasons I am writing about why I believe you should hire a life coach.

Yesterday was an important day on this blog for me and it fits right in with today’s topic. The third reason I think people should hire a life coach is to stay on track with the goals they really want to accomplish. So how does our topic today relate to this week’s theme? Well you might have guessed that it has something to do with goals of mine. Yesterday was post number 240 for me on this blog and I passed over 7,000 views yesterday. But what were the goals I had for this blog for 2011?

In 2011, I wanted to reach 7,500 views and I wanted to have written 250 posts. Well it can still happen as the year is not over. But I cannot take it to another 500 views on my own; I need your help. If you follow us on facebook you may have noticed we have a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion going on. The challenge is for you to post a link for this on your page each day for the next 12 days and help me reach my goals. That’s the end of my commercial; back to the topic of the day.

When I talk about keeping your goals on target, I mean that we can all get very distracted with other things when we are trying to reach a goal or mission with our lives. For example, I can start off and make a step towards something in a particular topic, then end up writing an entire paragraph that has nothing to do with the day’s post. Things can end up taking you off track.

The reason I put that short story above about my blog was to prove the point about getting off focus on your goals. When I begin working with new clients on starting over, the first thing on my list is not addressing goals. First, I want them to clear their heads, to obtain a clear focus, to start cleaning up the mess they are in. Then we get to the future goals. In life you may have set many goals that you may or may not have reached. Why jump into a coaching relationship and continue at the same thing that did not work before? The problem isn’t always about not having goals; sometimes it’s about having too many or the wrong kinds of goals.

That is why I get those things out of the way first; then we get a clear view of what goals you want to really achieve in your life. Then we can focus our work to keep you on the right track. We can keep you from getting off on a path that is not consistent with the goals that you have presented, like I purposely did above to slip in and tell you about my blog goals. You see, me telling you about my blog goals isn’t only self-serving. Sure, it was kind of related to the topic at hand, but it really had nothing to do with the actual point of today’s blog – staying focused. It was a little off track.

So, as life coaches, it will be our job to keep you focused on reaching the goals you have set. When you tell us that you want to head in another direction, we will ask you questions, ask what your overall plan is. Imagine how many goals you could have reached! Imagine where you would be now if you’d had a life coach to keep you on target when you lost focus! Is it time to hire a life coach?

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Keep on a focused track with your goals and become the RockStar in your world.

Hope and Wellness

There is something about the word “hope” that makes so many people want to listen to what is being said. Have you noticed that those who spread hope are the ones who have the most joy? Have you noticed that the ones who spread hope often are the ones who face some of the hardest times with health?

In my 45 years, I have watched many people who have battled with health issues. I watch them because they are usually the ones who are there to tell you how great the day is. I remember back a few years ago I met a young lady who was confined to a wheelchair. She would have to take a handicap bus to church. Because she was disabled, she had very little income. Yet every time she was at church she was the one trying to help others with her joyful spirit.

She told of a hope that all of us must have; she talked of how God was her daddy. She did not let the problems of this world get her down. If they did, she never showed it. Yet she was in a wheelchair. For her to get ready to come to church with us on a Sunday more than likely took an extra two hours of getting ready. But she was giving you hope in a better tomorrow. After a few years of talking to her I found out she had the mind of a 12-year-old. She was still a child. Do you remember the hope you had as a child?

When we ran the theme of “Hope and Change” earlier this year, I told the story of Terry Purdom and his struggle with multiple myeloma, which is an incurable cancer in the bone marrow. Terry has spread his message of hope for years. Since telling his story I have noticed over 40 of my friends have gone over to follow his Facebook page and check out his sites. That is a great thing for me to see.

I have spent some time with Terry at a few events this year. Last year he took a three-month motorcycle tour to spread hope to people with cancer. He had a coin made and sold the coins to help raise money — not just for his trip, but to give hope. Terry was one of the people who made the epilepsy benefit event I spoke at in September possible. The ride took off from the Harley dealer he now works at and he was willing to get up at 4:00 am and open the doors so people could use the bathrooms and have some coffee before starting the ride.

Like the story of my dad, you would think a person who has been through the health problems of Terry would be all depressed. But, no; Terry is spreading hope to others. What is his biggest challenge in life? If you ask him, he will tell you it’s spreading his message of hope.

If you are having a tough time getting around this concept of hope, you need to look at those who deal with health issues in their lives. It amazes me to hear them say it’s harder to deal with spreading my message of hope than it was to go through an incurable form of cancer.

This year, we lost Steve Jobs to cancer. Even he was out spreading a message of a better world and he worked until he couldn’t work any longer to make a better world through technology. It may not be a message of hope, but it’s a message that there is a greater tomorrow past the pain we are living with today.

In 1992, I woke up in that hospital bed and the doctor told me that I had had a seizure. Because of that I had to find a new line of work; I will never be able to drive a truck again as that was my living. It was hard to hear and I wanted to give up. I tell you now as I look back I have been through some tough times and, like Terry, I am finding it harder to sell hope.

What are you going through that you cannot have hope about? Like we said earlier this week, hope is not something I can give you. Now, I can present it to you; I can explain it to you, but you have to take it and make it yours. You have to find it for yourself and once you have it, you can tell others about it.

I want to close with a real message of hope today. I remember the email messages I used to get from Brian Tracy each day. The inspirational quote that I got the day Gwynne and I started dating said this: “Some people will never know just how close they were to succeeding when they gave up.” It was from Thomas Edison.

Hope is yours folks, no matter your health, or what you have been through. Here in Dallas the Scruggs Family is showing their true faith. Their daughter was involved over the weekend in a accident where she ran into a plane propeller, losing her hand and perhaps vision in one of her eyes. They have hope that she is going to be ok. Yes they hurt, but I know this family and some of the struggles they have been through. They have a strong hope and have worked to share it. You should grab that kind of hope.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Keep hope alive in your life no matter what to be the RockStar in your world.



Ps: If you would like to hear more about the Scruggs story follow this link to the Caring bridge page and donate if you can.  Scruggs Family.

Blind Faith is Not Hope

So many times in life when we hear the word “hope” — how it is said, how it is used — it leads you to believe that you are to trust when there is nothing to trust. My good friend Jonathan writes about personal security and your life today. He tells so much on his blog of how to protect yourself in a world where there are predators all over. So today, let’s talk about those people who try to lead with a blind hope.

Imagine, if you will, a person selling you on the fact that if you attend their function, church, school, class, event, you will automatically succeed. So many are now under the influence of those who teach such things. Just last week I was sitting with another coach who told me the stories of other coaching programs. This coach was sold an expensive program that had virtually no results. The clients followed with hope that a better tomorrow was coming. So many industries out there have their own set of scam artists. We must never follow on a blind faith that everyone who gives us a sales speech is selling us a complete success.

Many years ago the news was full of television evangelists who were scamming people for money and spending it on fancy cars and homes. They were selling the people who watched their shows hope in a system they had created, and were using the name of God to sell it. Today many people do not attend a church; they immediately cry “phony” to anyone who uses the word “God.”

So what do we do to help us have a true hope again? How do we keep hope alive without throwing a blind eye to those who are out to scam us? I have three things I think you should keep in mind.

First let us get a definition of the word “hope.” I looked it up several places and the best I came up with was: a feeling of optimism or a desire that something will happen.

Yes, we want to have something better happen, but to blindly head in that direction without knowledge that there is any truth behind what is being told is foolish. We need to do a little research before we start to put our hope and faith behind something that is not going to happen.

Next, you want to be well-informed. To do this we need to research those things and make a calculated plan to get the outcome we are searching for. When you set a goal to get healthy you do not sit on your couch and eat unhealthy food and hope a miracle will happen. No, if you have hope that you can be healthy, you get up and take an action to make it happen. If you hope to have a nice home and a nice car, well put the faith into action and find the work to get you there. For years I had hope in a successful business but it was not until I put my faith into action to make that happen that it stated to look that way.

Just yesterday I was talking with my daughter, Jess, about a Bible study she was doing. She said she didn’t like the way that this national Bible expert had written the study sometimes. I know the author and teacher she spoke about, and told Jess that a good Bible teacher advises you to research the Bible for yourself to make sure they are teaching right.

Third we need to be the kind of leaders that we want to follow. Many people have hope in the leaders in their lives, from their business lives, to their church, to their community, to politicians. Too many people in our world have a blind faith and a blind hope in what the leader is saying. Well, stop following anyone who is always selling hope without telling you that you have responsibilities. You should listen to those who speak of hope and then you should have the hope in your own actions; stop waiting for others to provide for you.

When you start to be the person you want your leaders to be then, and only then, will you have something in your own life to hope for. If you have watched others in your industry scam people, don’t get out of the industry and call it a scam; instead pull yourself up, make yourself the honest one in the industry and prove to the world they can have hope in you.

Last when you get to the point of people having hope in you, then it is time to sell them on the idea of having hope in themselves. Tell them exactly what I’m telling you now: “It’s up to you.” Many of you have a hope in what I’m telling you. Well I’m telling you don’t have the hope in me; have the hope and faith in yourself.

It’s up to you to have faith and hope in your own life. It’s time for more people to stand up in faith taking the tools that are here and building a life for themselves. Hope is alive; plant it inside of you.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do, and those you share life with. Build a hope in yourself and become a RockStar in your world.

Do You Still Have Hope?

Good Monday morning to you. It’s December and there are only four weeks left to our year – which leaves us with four more themes for this year. I decided I wanted to hit on four of the top themes of the past year, those that have made the most impact on people and have received the most feedback. That told me that you really needed it when I wrote it.

This week’s theme was the top one this year. In late March-early April of this year I posted a week about Hope and Change. I started the week with the story of my Dad then finished the week out with the word of people who made it through tough challenges and kept hope alive. These stories were all told from both my side and theirs.

We will do some yearend follow up and let you hear what has been going on with our guest bloggers from that week. I will also give you some lessons about hope. As the year winds down, the holidays are that time of year where more people get depressed than during the rest of the year.

Knowing that people are more depressed during the holidays than any other time, I wanted to bring hope to those who read this week. I did a speech last month about time and the fact that in the history of my life so many times I have heard the stories about how the world is going to end. I wanted to bring that up as we close this year out. Yes, I’m sure the world as we know it will end someday. But we must always be planning and looking forward to a brighter future.

I started my speech at last month’s B-Harmony Event here in Dallas with an old SNL favorite: Matt Fowley, Motivational Speaker. If you need a good laugh, take a view on YouTube now. In the skit, Matt was always working against himself trying to motivate those he was trying help. So I used him to start off the evening. We need to have hope, but so many of us are always looking towards the gloom and doom part. Right now, more people send me the links how in 2012 the world is going to end. Well, you still need to have hope.

I also tell how over the years I have heard this “end of the world” talk. Have you ever noticed that most of those people who claim to believe the world is about to end still have life insurance? It was the opposite of the picture I took of the church sign that read “Pray for rain and carry an umbrella.” More people tend to pray but seem to not have the faith to be prepared for the event to come to pass – whether good or bad. And I suppose for the people so focused on the end of the world happening, they see it as a good thing.

So, what is our lesson of hope today? No matter what happens we need to have hope in our own future. Your personal hope and faith in your own future is what will make it better. So take these three points today and apply hope to your life as we end this year and prepare for a new one.

1.  Hope is personal. I can tell you all the stories about it; in fact, I actually can prove to you where someone had hope in a better life and actually made a plan to make it happen and it did. But, like motivation, it only takes deep root when you apply it yourself. Take a look at your next year and make plans with hope that good things will happen. Don’t rely on what others can do for you. Have hope yourself and faith in yourself to make it happen.

2.  It’s not all roses. You are going to face tough times. They’re part of the journey and we live in world that is not perfect, will never be perfect. A year ago while planning my 2011, we has no idea that two months out of my year would be spent in the mountains of PA fixing up things at my mom’s house, helping her sort through those things that belonged to my dad and were no longer needed. When I said “Bye” to him last December, while visiting with him at my brother’s, I did not know the day that I shot that video would be the last time I would see him. But yet I still have hope in my future. This past year I have met so many new friends and new business partners that I did not know. I have worked to spend more time visiting my family members because we won’t all be together forever.

3.  You still have a purpose. I believe this: if you are alive on this earth, you still have a purpose and you need to serve. It is one of those things that I have learned in life; we have a purpose and need to be working towards that. Don’t what yours is? Maybe it’s time to schedule a phone coaching session to help find out. But here is a clue: it has something to do with what you are passionate about.

Take these three points and apply them to have hope in your life. We should have hope and that last point alone shows we have a purpose. Or as my childhood preacher used to say, “God is not done with you yet.”

The first blog in our March/April week on Hope and Change was from my mom and myself. You know about my year and where I’ve been since my father passed last December. My mother is now doing missionary work in Korea – something she had longed to do for many years. Even after the very difficult period of losing her husband of so many years and facing dealing with the house and other financial affairs, she is now doing something that has been her passion and her hope for a long time. So what are you still hopeful for in your life? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

I’m Tim Gillette, the Rocker Life Coach. It’s time to live your dream, to love what you do and those you share life with. Have hope and always plan for a better tomorrow to be the RockStar in your world.

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